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With simply 140 figures creating each tweet, communicating on Twitter might appear just like a pretty good way to incorporate social networking to your online marketing strategy. But picking out the content is only part of the tweet. Think about the hashtag — the ever-present little symbol (#) that identifies keywords and provides a message context, meaning and endurance. With the addition of a hashtag to some word, you are making your whole message searchable to ensure that other social networking users — even individuals who don’t follow you — will find it and browse what there are here. Used properly, the best hashtags can grab your audience’s attention and encourage them to follow you.
Listed here are 30 Twitter hashtags every realtor ought to know.

Property hashtags

  1. #RealEstate
  2. #Realtor
  3. #Real estate
  4. #Broker
  5. #ForSale
  6. #NewHome
  7. #HouseHunting
  8. #MillionDollarListing
  9. #HomeSale
  10. #HomesForSale
  11. #Property
  12. #Qualities
  13. #Investment
  14. #Home
  15. #Housing
  16. #Listing
  17. #Mortgage
  18. #HomeInspection
  19. #CreditReport
  20. #CreditScore
  21. #Property foreclosure
  22. #NAR
  23. #EmptyNest
  24. #Renovated
  25. #JustListed

Branding hashtags

  1. #YourName, e.g., #AlanSmithee
  2. #YourOfficeName, e.g., #MowedLawnRealty
  3. #YourBrokerage

Event hashtags

  1. #OpenHouse, e.g., #JanesOpenHouse
  2. #RealEstateConference, e.g., #ZillowForum

Bonus hashtags

Use creatively worded hashtags to locate tweets from prospects who may want to purchase or sell a house. Listed here are a couple of additional Twitter hashtags to think about.

  • #WantToMove
  • #HateMyHouse
  • #BuyMyHouse

The sheer amount of functional hashtags could be overwhelming, since literally any word could be switched into one. However, you can narrow the choices by familiarizing yourself using the hashtags best to property, by identifying those your leads and customers are most thinking about and speaking about. You'll be able to use individuals hashtags in your messages, content along with other prospecting efforts to connect with your target audience. Hashtags aren’t restricted to Twitter they are utilized along with other social networking — including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest — to achieve, attract and interact a broader audience.

Resourse: https://zillow.com/agent-sources/trends-and-data/tips-and-advice/30-twitter-hashtags-for-agents/

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