Funny thanksgiving quotes to see buddies!

Thanksgiving quote pantsThanksgiving quote pantsThanksgiving, man. A bad day-to be my pants. ~Kevin James

We’re celebrating Thanksgiving at Girlfriendology. It’s your day where we really stop and (hopefully!) count our benefits.

Our benefits is funny female friends. You realize … those who phone you once they make a move really embarrassing, or give back a tale that cracks you up, or share an interesting publish along with you on Facebook or tweet on Twitter simply because they love to help you smile.

You’re fortunate with great female friends, right? Here’s some funny Thanksgiving Day quote to see your buddies. Inform them you considered you and them wanted to ensure they are smile. Existence is nice – with female friends! (And appearance out Favorite Thanksgiving Quotes and much more Thanksgiving Quotes!)

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Friends – Joey's funny "apology"


MikeMJPMUNCH: And this was the happiest day of Gunther's life

Matt Hollier: I cannot stop "watching" this.

gapjunction11: 2:20 David Schwimmer was about to break character and laugh

Joseph Rodriguez: gapjunction11 he did break he was smiling

maridalia hernandez: I never get tired of this scene

Anit kaur Bagga: why would someone get "tired" of this ����

Yūto Ōmura: Joe, you knew what " " means back in S05E12. So you technically forgot what that means lol

tjokolat: He "forgot".

mattlamb: Haha, this is "great"

Michael Myrlin: I'm crying I'm laughing so hard. Everyone should have a Joey in their life.

Fernando Santos: It's moments like this that make me irritated with Ross. Joey is nothing but a great friend to all of them but he never trust him on the proposal thing. And honestly, even if he proposed, let's face it: Ross got 9 years to do it before…

Neethy Sebastian: I'M "SORRY"

Charlie Audritsh: One of the funniest "parts" of the show!

MissChopsy: Fave Friends scene ever! Makes me chuckle every time I watch it.

gapjunction11: This shows why "Friends" was on air for friggin' ten years. The writing and acting is outstanding and so well paced. I just watched an enpisode of "2 broke girls" – didn't laugh once.

Blair Elliott: gapjunction11 yeah 2 broke girls is terribly unfunny. I don't know why it's still on air today.

Heartbeat & Dippy: This is damn "funny"

vaibhav nagpal: funniest show ever. \nbut idk why i ship \nchandler and kathy over chandler and monica.

Zoe ZR: I'd be like Ross, I'd get punched and end up with a black eye for sure ��

Raymond Harris HANDOYO: 2:16 –> The gunther Schadenfreude looks on his face ,\n2:33 –> Gunther's 2nd orgasm