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Happy thanksgiving - daily nous go be wrecked through

Heap of Links

  • May be the "open-endedness" of contemporary existence an issue to become solved? — Patricia Marino (Waterloo) enhances the question
  • Archaeologists uncover fully intact 17th-Century belief system — within an Ohio Congressman
  • The way a medieval bishop clamped lower on Aristotle scholars and spurred multiverse theory — within our world, a minimum of
  • Some perspective on human understanding and also the earning of the PhD — sign (type of an online-age classic)
  • "As a result of growing anti-intellectualism and hostility towards philosophy, a crack group of the deadliest philosophers ever put together was formed…" (EC)
  • The sex existence and sexual ideas of Augustine — within the New Yorker
  • "A star might have an interior existence that enables it to 'feel,' but whatever that feeling is, it's much under the sensation to be an E. coli" — when panpsychism makes NBC news
  • The initial "brain within the vat" example and possibly the muse for Nozick's experience machine — an excerpt from “

    A Philosopher’s Nightmare” by Jonathan Harrison (1966)

  • Can you sacrifice an individual existence in order to save the Hireling Shepherd? — a situation for “


  • "Writing advice to my students that will are also good sex advice in my senior high school boyfriends" — from Helena de Bres (Wellesley)
  • New small-philosophy course according to Bet on Thrones at College of Glasgow — regrettably not known as “

    I drink and that i know things”

  • "Darwin's concept that the struggle between species was an electric train engine of creation… undermined transcendentalist assumptions that nature was inherently good" — how Darwin influenced Thoreau
  • Before you decide to educate your students the Monty Hall Problem — educate the Mosteller Hall puzzle
  • The colonialist and utilitarian origins of liberal freedom as non-interference — plus a glance at republican freedom as non-domination, within an interview with Philip Pettit (via Nigel Warburton)
  • "Public universities have sunk into economic frailty during the last decades" — who or so what can save them?
  • "We live inside a golden chronilogical age of sexual creativeness" — an account from the porn-enabled “

    erotic renaissance that is… unparalleled in human history” (text only, but explicit)

  • Exactly what is a good dying? — glare from Luc Bovens (LSE)
  • The technological wherewithal of the species isn't the same factor as intelligence — that is something we ought to remember within our look for intelligent existence
  • Five volumes of Bentham's correspondence are actually obtainable in open access form — here’s the hyperlink towards the first (via Phil Baker)
  • Philosophy employment market mentoring program — here we are at individuals thinking about receiving and supplying mentoring to register
  • "By concentrating on the lives of creatures like ants, it might be easy to formulate a form of the issue of evil which, in a few ways, is even harder to resolve than traditional versions" — Dustin Crummett (Notre Dame) discusses the issue
  • The graphic (novel) account of Spinoza's Theological Political Treatise — from Ben Nadler and Steven Nadler
  • Philosophical theses you haven't seen because they are very weak — though they're frequently funny
  • "Our talk was kindling too moist to light, / therefore we recognized the cold of silence…" — go be wrecked through the poetry of Brook Sadler (USF)
  • Explaining philosophy with humor — Tom Cathcart and Daniel Klein around the Philosophy Bakes Bread podcast
  • "Things that you should impossible really aren’t" — study regarding “

    near-miss mathematics”

  • Compatibilism: a parable — don’t get too excited
  • Why "open access" is slower to trap on within the humanities — a publish by Peter Suber, director from the Harvard Open Access Project
  • "Public-facing" philosophy can shape "peer-facing" philosophy — it’s not only a one of the ways street in the academy towards the town square, states Eric Schliesser (Amsterdam)
  • Pyramids and Tubes — Eric Schwitzgebel (UC Riverside) compares different shapes academia may take

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"U Name It" Challenge for a Stressful Thanksgiving: The Daily Show


Plat inum: When the music started playing i thought i had a random tab open.

Jeroen Google: I confess.

Dorky Dragon: I thought my ringtone was going off during that opening XD

Brainstormer623: Well, that's one way to rap up the election season.

Aldo Fan: badum tshh

Nightone: You are why it's worth it to read comment sections

solosage: anyone else watched this more than 3 times?

dotnb: Zubair Rahman Therapy

Mukul Saini: still watching

Not Shawn: "dont eat the antelope" ����

Brainstormer623: Fun fact: 9 out of 5 TV hosts don't recommend you eat antelope.

Rebecca Johnson: Not Shawn "But they look delicious."

Alex Hansen: All the angry Trump disciples are complaining about this show being overly biased and liberal, even though this part wasn't Trump bashing. Chill out guys

Apillis124: Parizar Because when someone tells how you find what you're looking for, then it's up to you to view it. Unless you expect me to go to your house click on the fucking video for you and hold open your eyes to view your damn monitor screen for you, too. But I'm afraid that's a bridge too far for me to go. At that point it's up to you to do what apparently is the enormous task of pointing and clicking on a video.

Sunshine4695: Alex Hansen I didn't know that using trump supporters logic against them and calling trump out his lies made the show overly liberal. if trump and his people stop blantly lying then the daily show and other talk shows wouldn't make fun if him so much 

Flash Man: The white side of Trevor comes out when he dances.

Thomas Edison: It was the tight ass suit.

BB McKinlay: obama too…..

supershinigami1: Good luck to you americans on Thanksgiving. You'll need it.

Steve Garwood: That is not something allowed. Even the ones sitting there already. 9/11/1999 Omaha, Nebraska- Bitches.