Thanksgiving day movie & tv quotes 2016: top 20 best lines ever

Thanksgiving day movie & tv quotes 2016: top 20 best lines ever get you home for that

1. Dear Lord, we understand that recently, everything’s been altering too damn fast. And many types of situations are always exactly the same, even when we hate it — like shoveling the poultry and stuffing the snow.

– Home For that Holidays

2. Eat us! Hey, it’s Thanksgiving day. Eat us! We create a nice buffet. We lost the race with Player Erectile dysfunction. Eat us, ’cause we’re good and dead.

– Addams Family Values

3. Oh, I ought to be grateful for that wonderful fall we’ve been getting. I recall eventually I had been in the bus stop which awesome fall breeze came blowing from … Oh. And I’m also grateful for thongs.

– Buddies

4. Luke Danes: Shouldn’t we give thanks first?

Jess Mariano: Thank you for what?

Luke Danes: Well, that we’re not Indigenous Peoples who got their land stolen in return for smallpox infested blankets.

Lorelai: Amen.

– Gilmore Women

5. Nederlander: I told your mom I’d get you home for that holidays.

Doyle: I’ve plans.

Nederlander: You gonna stay here? Watch the football game on television? Create a poultry sandwich and hang up yourself within the toilet?

– Nederlander

6. The actual 5 o’clock each morning stuffing bread crumbs up a defunct bird’s butt.

– Roseanne

Thanksgiving day movie & tv quotes 2016: top 20 best lines ever re good and7. I can’t prepare a Thanksgiving meal. All I’m able to make is cold cereal and perhaps toast.

– Charlie Brown

8. It Wouldn’t Be Thanksgiving With No Little Emotional Scarring.

– Buddies

9. Once, there is this very day where everyone appeared to understand they needed each other…This eventually once they understood for several they couldn’t get it done alone.

– Bits of April

10. Happy Thanksgiving … It’s your use say Happy Thanksgiving back.

– You Have Mail


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