5 strategies for using hashtags for the small business’ social networking platforms

  1. Define Your Brand — Similar to a tagline informs your audience what you are and just what you are a symbol of like a company and brand, a hashtag can perform exactly the same. Look for a hashtag phrase that’s unique for your business, that defines your company, which doesn’t just reiterate your brand (#boring and #ineffective). Remember, you would like your target audience to wish to interact together with your hashtag, either to search it, utilize it or react to it. Remember that when you are working on your branded hashtag campaign.

    A brandname that’s doing the work right? Dove. Their #RealBeauty campaign resonates with females who’re frustrated with touched-up images, unreachable perfection and smoke and mirrors. The Dove #RealBeauty campaign starts a discussion among its audience, plus they readily tag their Tweets with #RealBeauty. Now that’s a #RealSuccess.

    Dove #RealBeauty

  2. Hop on the Trending Bandwagon — On Twitter, you will see a continuously updating list in the left column. This really is what’s trending online. If there’s ever a hashtag highly relevant to your company, it’s time to disregard what your mom stated about not doing what everybody else does and also to hashtag it! Should you wait to interact with trending content when it’s highly relevant to your company, you’ll introduce your brand to some wider, still relevant audience.

    Allstate Mayhem leaped around the Super Bowl boat a few years back with #SB48 and advised us of this time the lights went, plus they blamed it on their own chaos-generating guy.

    Mayhem hashtag

  3. Use specific, relevant hashtags — When you are going to tag a thing or phrase on social networking, determine that your audience is ever going to search these phrases or words or, even better, rely on them. I suggest to make use of looking feature within the social networking platforms (that is how others will discover you, too). For any wider vision of words specific for your industry, try Tagboard.com.

    When to consider relevant hashtags, there are also relevant users you are able to interact and interact with, either by answering their Tweets or posts (if you are elsewhere apart from Twitter), by following their profile.

    Whenever we looked #smallbusiness, we found numerous relevant, interesting Tweets, accounts, articles and discussions.

    Small business hashtag

  4. Keep Hashtags Concise — Really, the shorter, the greater usually. In case your hashtag looks something similar to #havingasaletodayonseeds, realize that your audience won’t help you find with this tag, nor can they read your message. In case your hashtag is around the longer side, but when generate is a result of tip three, then be my guest. Otherwise, attempt to split up what you are saying with relevant tagging strategies.

    Should you not trust me, key in #FF (Follow Friday), and find out the visibility that hashtag garners.

  5. Stay Away From More Hashtags Than Words inside a Publish — Remember after i stated your audience wouldn’t read your hashtag whether it was too dang lengthy? Well, your audience won’t read your publish if it is full of the pound sign either (unless of course you’re on Instagram, that takes about 11 hashtags a publish to determine momentum). Hashtags ought to be used only if it might increase your visibility inside a relevant, intended way. Its not all publish ought to be speaking about everything that’s vital that you your audience. If you are writing an invaluable publish, not every what you are saying will act as hashtags anyway. While in doubt, select the relevant couple of words out, and bank all of your hashtags in the finish of the publish if you are positive that they’ll provide value towards the conversation.

Now you understand how to use hashtags, tell us your branded hashtag on Twitter. Use #infusingspirit whenever you share and tag us @Zao525!

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