6 suggestions for thanksgiving social networking campaigns @rignite

It’s not necessary to operate a Thanksgiving giveaway or contest if you wish to obtain a hop on holiday sales. You can just publish your promotion having a store-wide, site-wide, or promotion code purchase. If you are posting on Instagram like Shopessyli.com below, make sure to include information on the photo therefore it attracts more attention.


This way if it is Reposted by others, the promotion will clearly stick out.

5Thanksgiving Campaign Idea #5: Twitter Photo Contest With a Feeling of Emergency

For greater looks and attractiveness to other people, think about a hashtag photo contest on Twitter, which requires individuals to publish an authentic picture. So that as your campaign is nearing its finish or deadline make sure to create a feeling of emergency.


Georgia Power got a lot of great pictures by which to choose the champion, below.


This Thanksgiving campaign got great emotional response and taken the visual chance from the holiday!

6Thanksgiving Campaign Idea #6: Produce a Challenge

If you have a sizable audience or perhaps a worth more, desirable prize, you can test to create your audience work just a little harder to have it. Within this Instagram Thanksgiving campaign, Innovative Percussion asks for much!


They ask that people share, like, follow, and comment to go in to win 4 pairs of sticks/mallets. Hard part may be the comment – you have to guess the 6 product model series that comprise the poultry picture! Whew, that can take some persistence for research everything.

Rignite Insight:

For all your holiday campaigns, make certain you develop of steady drumbeat of social networking posts attract as numerous fans as you possibly can. Don’t assume they’ll visit your one publish inside a ocean of holiday posts. Out on another forget to mix-promote your campaign in your other social systems having a connect to your promotion publish. That you can do these tasks easily inside a software platform like Rignite.

Thanksgiving is an excellent holiday to warm your fans for that buying and gifting season. It’s full of warm feelings that provide many possibilities that you should make use of this sort of feeling with visuals and exciting giveaways. This year, obtain a hop on the vacation buying season as an innovative marketer!

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Easily Run Thanksgiving Campaigns on Social Networking Using Rignite

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  • Mix promote across both Twitter and facebook with a number of posts
  • Get campaign level reports showing which posts were best

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