In the event you produce a hashtag for the brand?

In an enormous amount of smartphones, social networking, and everything your need in your fingertips, the main one factor which brings us altogether may be the hashtag.

Before you begin laughing, consider it. If you are a social networking fanatic, you’ve used hashtags at some point. When you are watching your preferred Television show live, you’ve seen the hashtag popup within the corner.

I’ve viewed The Voice a number of occasions, plus they have the tweets and hashtags flashing through on screen.

Thursday nights are when Scandal occurs, and also, since I’m obsessive about that demonstrate. I watch and live tweet it, while using hashtag #Scandal to determine what other medication is saying about this.

I frequently pull-up the trending hashtags on Twitter to find out if there is a conversation I’m able to lead to or just to determine what’s happening within the Twitterverse.

  • During Thanksgiving of 2015 the hashtag #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies was trending with amusing and surprisingly relatable tweets.
  • Once the book #HarryPotterAndTheCursedChild arrived on the scene, the hashtag was a great way for fans to talk about their excitement concerning the era.
  • Netflix canceled its hire the BBC and Physician Who disappeared, fans tweeted their outrage while using hashtag #DoctorWho and #whovians.

Instagram is really a different story. Hashtags would be the primary method to interact with other people who are curious about exactly the same stuff you are, and also to uncover what they’re discussing.

Whenever you look for a hashtag on Instagram, you can observe how popular it’s by the amount of posts it’s been utilized on.

Several tribes I’m a part of possess a hashtags which enables all of the people to simply find and communicate with one anothers posts.

If you are thinking about developing a hashtag for the brand, listed here are couple of items to bear in mind.


Your hashtag ought to be short and memorable, so others can share it within their social networking posts. While Instagram does not have a set limit on figures, Twitter does. Your hashtag ought to be short enough to simply add in the finish of 140 figures.


Nike’s tagline #justdoit is appealing, memorable, and brings the Nike fitness community together. Consider this is behind your logo and what’s going to resonate together with your community. There’s even the curiosity element behind a hashtag, for example #MyWana which really means “you will never be alone” however, you wouldn’t realize that unless of course you probably did your quest.


How are others likely to know to apply your hashtag? Some popular methods to get the word out include:

  • Hosting an every week Tweet Chat making use of your hashtags – invite visitors who’re experts to speak about a distinct segment subject
  • Developing a blog or posting challenge and inspiring all participants to make use of the hashtag
  • Promoting a training course and getting a hashtag to permit participate to aid one another
  • Delivering an e-mail for your list announcing the hashtag and can include the hashtag inside your email signature

Wondering whether you should create a hashtag for your brand? Here are some reasons why you should.

If you are thinking about regardless of whether you should produce a hashtag for connecting your tribe and community, here are a few brands which use hashtags well:

The Twitter account IndieBooksBlast uses the hashtag #IndieBooksBlast for connecting with authors and readers. Should you tweet utilizing their hashtag, they’ll retweet you.

Each week you will find countless Tweet Chats happening. Each chat utilizes a unique hashtag to create their supporters together. #OWSchat means One Lady Shop Chat and it is a hub for solopreneurs and freelancers so that they don’t feel alone. Throughout the chat, participants reach discuss their personal encounters within the digital nomadic lifestyle.

#IndieBooksBeSeen is a well-liked hashtag to create indie books visible to bloggers and readers who offer the indie community.

Alex Tooby uses the hashtag #immtribe which means Instagram Marketing Tribe – for connecting together with her community. All of these are people who have taken a number of her courses and therefore are in her own Facebook Group. She’s a professional at monetizing Instagram and runs the account, Men and occasional, with more than 350k supporters. If you are seriously interested in finding out how to use hashtags to improve your visibility, take her Hashtag to Hero course (yep, it is really an affiliate link).

Rachel Ritlop uses #tcmillennial together with her photo each day challenge. It’s a means on her to understand more about millennials in her own community which help them grow. This is an incredible method for her to understand what her target audience needs so she could provide them tools and trainings to live their ideal lifestyle.

#boldbosstribe uses hashtags to feature individuals their community they consider Bold Bosses. Additionally they encourage people to participate the conversation using hashtag.

Personally, I personally use the hashtag #TheFiveWarriors to publish about my fantasy novel, and discover readers and fans on Instagram. After that I’m able to re-share their posts or leave a remark, acknowledging just how much I understand the share.

Have you got a brand hashtag? If that’s the case, what exactly is it, and what’s this is behind it?

Hashtag Hero


What is a Hashtag?


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guildrich: Why the fuck do we need hashtags to communicate with each other? What ever happened to good ol' plain English?

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guildrich: +Eddy C Dude, I couldn't agree with you more! Every time I see these things they make me cringe. It's amazing how stupid fads like this one suddenly become this world changing phenomenon that people can't live without. *smh

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guildrich: Why the fuck do we need hashtags to communicate with each other? What ever happened to good ol' plain English (or whatever your native language is)?

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