ten best hashtags for social studies teachers

Twitter. It’s a great factor.

And That I know a lot of you’re already big social networking fans. However for individuals who’re still just a little unsure concerning the whole Twitter / Facebook / Plurk factor, to you.

Two bits of advice:

1. Begin small. Use Twitter only for yourself. Don’t utilize it in your instruction yet – concentrate on utilizing it to develop your individual Learning Network. Follow and browse other teachers and organizations Gather info. Inquire.

Start here to locate useful users to follow along with.

2. Use hashtags. Hashtags really are a way to consume a theme or subject as opposed to a person or organization. This enables you to definitely cast a significantly wider internet whilst assisting you find more and more people to include your Follow list.

The issue?

You cannot consume a hashtag directly using your Twitter account.

This really is possibly probably the most confusing point for those a new comer to hashtags — but it’s vital that you understand. Out of your Twitter account you are able to only “follow” other Twitter users (accounts setup for a person, organization, project, event, etc.). A hashtag isn’t a Twitter account that you could click a “follow” button for.

It’s a method to label or tag tweets to allow them to easily be pulled together. A hashtag is definitely a thing preceded through the pound sign like “#sschat” which users insert to their tweets such as this:

Since a hashtag is simply a personality string placed right into a tweet, it’s something you can search Twitter for. Therefore the most fundamental method to track hashtags using your internet browser is:

  1. Visit Twitter Search.
  2. Look for a hashtag you need to track. Range from the “#” during your search query. Here’s searching for #historyteacher
  3. Keep that page open inside a browser tab, and refresh it periodically to determine the most recent results. Or sign up for the feed for the search inside your feed readers and appearance there from time to time for updates.

What hashtags in the event you follow? Listed here are 10 great tags that are a good starting point.

#sschat – Social Studies chat (Certainly one of my top picks. Take a look at their Ning page too.)

#socialstudies – General social studies

#history – General history stuff

#apush – Advanced Placement history

#ushistory – U . s . States history

#civics – Government and civics teaching

#apgov – Advanced Placement government

#historychat – History chats

#historyteacher – History instruction

#geographyteacher – Geography instruction

Which tags shall we be held missing?

Resourse: https://historytech.wordpress.com/2012/06/13/10-best-hashtags-for-social-studies-teachers/

Hashtags: #OneTimeInClass


Stacey Murphy: A student farted in class and the teacher replied "Bless you." We all laughed so hard.

Ranjith Rajeshawar: Thank you it made my day!

The Very Socially Awkward Caterpillars: Whenever someone sneezes in my math class, almost everyone in the class says, "Bless you." And this one kid is the reason why I said almost. After all of the "Bless you"s have finished, the one kid turns to the person who sneezes, and either says, "Do you feel blessed?" or "Are you happy with yourself?" It's really dumb, but for some reason, we all laugh every time.

Danny Unchained: only 2 minutes? lame…went by too quick and they had nothing to say about them..thought it was going to be better.

Matt Clark: It's so much better when they don't talk about it

screwyootube1: +Matt Clark When they hang on one of them, it's almost never funny. Like they are trying to kill time.

Bea Abrasaldo: Jimmy, why do you have to be soooooooo gorgeous???

DeepWaterBlack: ew!

ehdollet: so…she wasn't a virgin?…

Laura Phelan: +sweiland75 oh my gosh XD I love you

sweiland75: +Laura Phelan\nLOL

Randyy1: So that last girl doesn't like meat in her mouth?

Raudonas Deimantas: +Randyy1 jokes depend on the intellect. and this one has no logic at all

I.: +Raudonas Deimantas It does if you have a dirty mind and a sense of humor :)

PapaJenkinz: who the fuck grows a dub ass rat tale. props to the girl

The Very Socially Awkward Caterpillars: +PapaJenkinz Apparently, when my mom was thirteen, there was some eleven year old guy with a rat tail that lived in her neighborhood, and she would chase him around with scissors, trying to cut it off, because, "It looked freaking disgusting!" … That's my mom…

The Very Socially Awkward Caterpillars: +Satan You'd be surprised to know that most kindergarten children do not actually remember to capitalize the first letter in a sentence. I'm a student aide for a middle school Social Studies class, and some kid even spelled his own name wrong. I doubt most kindergarten children would know to capitalize like that.

Indigo Azai: One time in class: Guy's phone went off. Guess what ringtone is was… AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA!!! (plays John Cena theme)

Winter Elton: That happened in My class but it was this girls "SHARKBAIT HOO HAA HAA" ringtone

slideshowgurl: +Indigo Azai We had one and it was the intro to Baby Got Back..only the girl and her friend were saying the intro about her boyfriend so she was like "Oh My God Emily, look at John's butt..it is so big."