#thanksgivingclapback hashtag may be the hilarity you’ll need at this time

There’s a lot turmoil and chaos happening at this time on the planet. It’s been in DIS TEW MUCH levels for days, and also the discharge of the LaQuan McDonald execution video required it within the edge. What Twitter does perfectly in occasions such as this is function as a distraction. For this reason the #ThanksgivingClapback hashtag continues to be the very best saving elegance. It’s truly keeping us laughing to stay from crying.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and individuals round the country will suffer from family people they haven’t seen all year long, round the dining room table. What goes on then is the fact that someone will definitely say something shady and disrespectful for you. It’s usually that aunty or cousin who can’t mind their business. Where do you turn? You are able to grin and bear it or provide back for them.

Waiting at the door 2 gif

@KashmirVIII produced the #ThanksgivingClapback subject also it trended on Twitter for hrs. It’s better still than #ThanksgivingwithBlackFamilies. It’s the shadier cousin.

These tweets had me laughing so difficult I had been in tears. But let’s be obvious. Or no individuals do this while dining, you can find someone’s palm print in your oral cavity once they slap the shit out of you. In the event that happens, and also you get mollywhopped, please update us. I would like information on the way it went lower.

Anywho, I Storifyed my fave tweets, and they’re below. Can’t discover their whereabouts? Try them out on Storify.

Resourse: http://awesomelyluvvie.com/2015/11/

Hashtags: #ThanksgivingFail


Nancy Botwin: I don't understand all the hate. Higgins is hilarious.

Ellory Claire: Nancy Botwin Because, even though he can be hilarious, he often interrupts Jimmy while he's having his remarks and really, we're all there to see and hear Jimmy.

Robert Skovborg: If you could get rid of that sidekick, that'd be great

Betsy Clarke: My Aunt Mary spent like four years graciously accepting compliments on her amazing gravy.  Year five I happened to be in the kitchen with my mom and went to throw something away and saw the empty jar of Heinz turkey gravy on top.  We've referred to it as "Aunt Mary Gravy" for the last 20 years.

That Part of Your Brain You Don't Listen To: It reminds me of that commercial where the lady is laying out her "award winning" granola bars on a baking sheet and her husband catches her just unwrapping them from the wrappers.

mwillblade: Sounds like the time my Dad made his family famous beef stew . Looked in the trash outside and seen five empty cans of Dinty Moore Beef Stew .

M.E.T.H E.L: That so-called 'entertainer' sidekick is really annoying. Please get him to get out of the show. He ruins everything.

Gabriel Lundell: Damn, Higgins gets more annoying everytime I hear his voice.

SeriouslySami: +Gabriel Lundell it looks like a thing from Doctor Who. Those things are creepy!

CJ: Gtfo

Chance Ondriezek: One year my mother accidentally dropped our turkey, and then put it in the oven after washing it. \nI then said:\n\n"So that's where all the flavor comes from."\n\n#ThanksgivingFail

rani: Poor Lee

Silvie Ginderen: Ikr i think it was so awkward after that xD

John Smith: Not really, I mean if I was Lee and I was unrecognizable from my weight loss, I'd feel pretty proud. Way to go, Lee.

sebastian kure: That other guy is just not funny. Like… at all… he's just annoying.

Bradley Munson: I think he is ridiculously clever. you dont know good humor 

Idlehampster: I don't think he's funny, either. He's not very clever and his jokes lack subtlety.

susu Al Hosani: so does Higgins stand on his feet for the entire show ?!

Gabrielle A: +graceeey147 what do you think?

lastofmykind8: Higgins…say something funny…or just don't say anything.