#thanksgivingwithblackfamilies trending on twitter – barstool sports

Not to mention some honkey attempted to obtain clever with #ThanksgivingWithWhitePeople and that he got absolutely DUNKED ON:

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Waitress or water and cats milk. Skull emojis. Crying face emojis. You cannot fuck with black people on twitter. Especially not with regards to trending hashtags. Thats a fight black individuals will win 100 occasions from 100. Thanksgiving with white-colored people is simply eating a rather bigger meal than normal after which watching football with family you do not enjoy while an uncle or perhaps a grand daddy falls asleep inside a chair along with a couple of others argue about politics. Thats it, really. Not a holiday whatsoever since I consider it. Here’s the best of #ThanksgivingWithWhiteFamilies…what I learned – we dont season our food, we smell of waitress or water and cats milk, and we’ll all just fucking shoot one another.

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Resourse: http://barstoolsports.com/newyork/thanksgivingwithblackfamilies-trending-on-twitter/

Theo Epstein Interview On Pardon My Take


Christian E-O: Theo is the best nerd there is. He gets a No Swirlie pass.

Sandy: thank you for finally fixing your youtube

Statutory Grape: He's a HOFer. He turned two of the cursed franchises into champions.

Nicholas Joseph: Good Shit

NCS Sounds: Great work

Rewind Remix: amazing