Twitter hashtags: 7 tips along with a decision-making flowchart

Twitter hashtags: 7 tips along with a decision-making flowchart of the Twitter

Despite the fact that they’re ubiquitous, not everybody knows what Twitter hashtags are or do. You can aquire a detailed explanation out of this Wikipedia entry and/or Twitter’s help center, but it’s essentially a convention for aggregating tweets from disparate, unconnected Tweeters right into a single stream. Twitter hashtags may also be used to instantly repost tweets with other platforms like Facebook (i.e., #facebook), but it is not a finest practice, and that i generally recommend against it.

Although hashtags were utilised formerly in other applications (e.g., internet relay chats), Chris Messina is usually attributed with proposing the thought of the Twitter hashtag. The convention was popularized by Nate Ritter in 2007, as he appended #sandiegofire (for North Park fire) to his tweets, also it grew to become much more prevalent throughout the 2009-10 Iranian election protests. With time use of Twitter hashtags has changed, as described (somewhat snarkily) within this New Yorker piece. The convention has additionally spread with other platforms (e.g., Google+, Instagram, Facebook) – sometimes using the intent of connecting posts, and often to simply highlight a typical theme or cultural meme (e.g., #justsayin or #tbt). Click the link for more info background and background.

The simplest way to locate a hashtag thread is by looking feature on Twitter. Click #Uncover on top bar associated with a Twitter page and go into the hashtag you are interested in. You may also explore keywords, that is vital that you know since it means that you don’t always require a hashtag to locate tweets on the subject of great interest. More about that below.

There are many methods to find out the hashtags people generally use:

  1. A reference site like
  2. Twitter hashtags: 7 tips along with a decision-making flowchart Chris Messina is usually attributed

  3. A hashtag tracking site like
  4. Industry/profession specific directories like this one for college district management

It’s remember this, however – as evidenced with this publish in GovLoop and this critique from the New You are able to Occasions social networking staff editor (and also the responses from readers) – there are still couple of standards or broadly agreed-upon conventions for implementing Twitter hashtags. It’s difficult to say whether or how they’ll evolve, on the other hand we all can make more efficient utilization of them.

Within this publish I share seven recommendations in line with the most typical mistakes I see people make when attempting to make use of Twitter hashtags. I’ve also produced an associated decision-making flowchart, the essential point being to help individuals avoid adding unnecessary, gratuitous, and potentially spammy #s for their tweets. Hashtags are less critical than lots of people assume, and taking advantage of them inappropriately can really diminish a tweet instead of enhance it. Plus, with simply 140 figures to utilize, precious space should not be squandered. A great rule to follow along with is

While in doubt, let it rest out!

Of course, I welcome your comments and questions – and particularly additional suggestions and tips. Together, we are able to define a workable group of best practices…

Twitter hashtags: 7 tips along with a decision-making flowchart help center, but it

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