25 amusing thanksgiving memes (funny memes)

25 Amusing Thanksgiving Memes can make your lengthy holiday weekend decide on a laugh or three. In the funny ideas about meeting on Thanksgiving contributing to the items the poultry goes through could make you laugh and giggle aloud.

Thanksgiving brings family and buddies together to feast, wine and dine and also to relax more than a lengthy stress-free holiday weekend, relax some using these 25 Amusing Thanksgiving Memes.

Thanks donations are a unique holiday celebrated within the U . s . States and Canada and a few other areas. It’s celebrated by way of thanking god for the things he’s presented us with.

25 Amusing Thanksgiving Memes

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Top 10 Pokemon Go Funniest Memes


Stone Oliver Vlogs: Landon you should make a shirt that saids is his real life right now? Like if you agree

Lizgaming101 .: Do You Even Grammar Bro

Natasha Clarke: Front: Kid you not\nBack: Is this real life?

Flarexui 213: I swear I saw a fricking 3 year old holding a phone saying " Mommy! I caught a Drowzee! Mommy, look!" ������

Red Knight: +lovely farts Um, okay.

DoubleTapped: lovely farts same

Jedi Cat: Jack Sparrow? More like Jack Spearow

Tristan Baccinelli: im cringing right now

waffle foffle: common pokemon for me \npidgey\nrattata \nspearow \nekans \nparas \neevee \nnidorino♂\nnidorino♁\nGeodude\nGrowlithe\nCubone\nSandshrew\nRhyhorn\nPonyta\nMankey\nVenonat\nParasect\nNidorino

KoopaDaHippie9: Here Zubat is extremely common

Ellie isbff: waffle foffle I wish I could find eevees like how you do.

Flash Freeze: I haven't even caught a drowsee and I'm level 16

Elias sucks at gaming: Flash Freeze

Abbie Bishop: DadoX Selmic how there everywhere

eva hesketh: half of these aren't Pokémon Go memes they're just normal Pokémon memes

Lil Beast840: eva hesketh exactly

April Hinckley: eva hesketh people think Pokemon go was first cause there dumb

Amit Cohen: There…..are….too…..many………Ekans…….in……..my……..neighborhood.\nI have over 250 Ekans candy (coming from a lv 14 player)

Private Switch: I have ONE Ekans…

GeorgeTekkerz: Amit Cohen what