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Thanksgiving is here now.. which are only able to mean one factor:  Liberals are fully ready to completely and blindly contradict themselves once more.  Thanksgiving is really a here we are at giving thanks, getting together with your loved ones, as well as for liberals: accidentally making yourself seem like an entire fool once more.  

So let’s begin.

There isn’t any doubt that you’ve seen one of these simple memes going swimming, the classic: “Celebrating your day Americans given undocumented aliens from Europe” meme.  Obviously pointing at those who are against illegal immigration or refugees originating from Syria, while celebrating Thanksgiving.


Lets reserve the historic shortcomings of the meme and keep to the hypocrisy here… Because here comes meme #2 in the liberals.  The classic: “Happy Exploitation & Eradication of Native United states citizens day” meme.


Which means this meme implies that the Indigenous Peoples were welcoming from the refugees, who, based on the liberals: slaughtered them, required their land, built malls on funeral grounds, enforced their religion, raped and stole from them.

So… which could it be, lefties?

Meme #1 – Shall we be designed to welcome the refugees along with open arms, because the Indigenous Peoples did on Thanksgiving?

Meme #2 – Or don’t let fear the refugees since based on you, these were savages who stole their land and enforced their religion upon the folks?

I’ll just stay with mentioning the hypocrisy from the left and stuff my face with Poultry this Thanksgiving, and become grateful that people required over this excellent land and switched it in to the finest nation on the planet.


Jesse Wilkins

Twitter: @DoubletakeJesse


CBC tries to protect Liberals from anti-Syrian refugee meme



MrRossT1: +John Carboni Get a life, dear. You've now graduated to full faced troll.  I'm starting to doubt you even have any children.  Thank goodness! 🙂  Get a vasectomy! 🙂  A man who's got his eternal soul covered, shouldn't even care what goes on in this world.  You are demonstrating that you don't even believe in your own fantasy.  Which is very sad, in my opinion.  Your fantasy is dependent on others accepting it as truth….you're like a transsexual. 

John Carboni: +MrRossT1 WOW now I realise what your problem is, sorry I cannot help you, especially when all hell breaks loose soon. If your still foolish, you will soon meet the Master of deception himself, in the flesh. For satan and his demonic fallen angels were kicked out of Heaven, and woe to the earth, for satan has come down to you with GREAT anger, knowing he has a short time. Satan and his minions will be allowed to torment, for a short time, in pitch dark blackness, those who oppose God, and do NOT have His mark.

*INHALES* BOI: Just ridiculous. Your people in your country come FIRST. NOT THE IMMIGRANTS. THEY ARE IMMIGRANTS NOT REGUGEES

zdrux: SHOW ME ONE PERSON IN CANADA THAT IS DOWN ON THEIR LUCK THAT IS GIVEN HOTEL ROOMS, BREAKFAST, LUNCH, AND DINNER?!.. Why are we even having this discussion? It's a fucking joke. This whole country and ALL its governments are a joke. Laws are a joke, moral hazard is a fucking joke.\n\nPeople who still believe they have any say in what's going on, and will "fix" this immediately by voting in the next election are nothing but a part of the problem. The government is not your friend, they're not here to help you, they don't provide for you, and they certainly don't give a damn about your opinion on any subject. They will however, gladly steal your $$ from you every 2 weeks and give it to others who still believe in the system.

Bitoni Lane: +zdrux this is all about votes. the left saw an emergency with the syrian civil war and jumped on the opportunity for the votes. nothing else. its about power. the reason some countries were stating in the media how much they will give refugees as an add not news. thats why only a small % of the refugees are actually from syria and iraq.

The LION Shall Lay With The Lamb: totally agree.

FERNANDO AUGUSTO: CBC= Canadian Broadcast Crap

iamdemocratic1: +FERNANDO AUGUSTO Communist Bull Crap

ironmaiden84: The whole Trudeau Liberal fiasco is just getting worse and worse. This is like a bad movie over and over. Nothing the Liberals do is ever right for Canada, its become a joke. Thanks Rebel for for telling the truth once again.

Yesica1993: Holy cow! Can I count myself a "refugee" from America and go get this deal in Canada? Sounds fabulous!

Tjacksun: +Yesica1993\nyea read it in the news a month or 2 ago

Yesica1993: +Tjacksun\n\nToo funny!

Jacob P: We are losing our fucking nation! Fuck you Liberals. I was a volunteer for Liberals party because I knew they where going to win, ….. sorry guys. But guess what those fuckers did once they won. They told me off the day after they won!

MrKilroi: +Jacob P That brilliant reasoning!? You volunteered because you knew they were going to win……Congratulations you helped put the high school teacher with the famous name (the most unqualified candidate to boot) into the PMO……\n\nthanks ! I'd love to piss in your corn flakes someday,,,,,,,for realz…

bkungl1953: +MrKilroi Jacob P regrets his decision for supporting the Liberals because those rose-tinted glasses he wore are now off. He apologized and he probably won't vote Liberal again. Jacob is but one person and his vote alone did not give the Liberals a majority government. Don't be so harsh on him.

Goldy Whiner: Bottom Line, that dumbfuck who announced to the country that he was gonna take out little pierre and his family should of kept his mouth shut and just done the deed! I heard this once and only once on the news, cbc muslim pricks must have put the kybosh on that story as usual!

Jimminey FingCricket: Put pressure on your MP to vote no on any up coming bill and a non confidence vote well see Canada back at the poles the hard part well be getting the small L liberal's to stop drinking the cool aid.

Chocomint: +Jimminey FingCricket Do you really think you can fight corrupt globalist politicians by using the system they created? Just ask them nicely to stop it?\n\n\nWe're far past that point, and there are too many Neo-Cons, too many Marxists, too many globalists and too many indoctrinated young traitorous liberals voting for them.

WinstonSmith: +Jimminey FingCricket my MP is going to vote against Turdo's government anyway he is in opposition.