Thanksgiving meme humor collection

Love this particular fine assortment of Thanksgiving Day humor meme’s you will not find elsewhere except around the Happy Hospitalist’s Facebook Page, Pinterest and Twitter accounts. Make certain to participate today rather than miss a later date from the humor action again! You should also browse the hospital that closed for the whole Thanksgiving weekend!

"Today we’re grateful for Ativan. Ok last one, and Haldol too."

Today we are thankful for Ativan. Oh yeah, and Haldol too medical humor meme photo.

"Get ready. Understaffed hospital coming!"

Prepare yourself. Understaffed hospital coming humor medical meme photo.

"Oh, which means you acquired 15 pounds of fluid after Thanksgiving? Let me know much more about how my dialysis orders are wrong."

Oh, so you gained 15 pounds of fluid after Thanksgiving? Tell me more about how my dialysis orders are all wrong medical humor meme photo.

"Get ready. Pureed poultry and stuffing is originating!"

Prepare yourself. Pureed turkey and stuffing is coming medical humor meme photo.

"Get ready! Holiday admits are coming!"

Prepare Yourself. Holiday Admits are Coming medical humor meme photo.

"Let’s say I said Thanksgiving would be a fowl holiday?"

What if I told you Thanksgiving was a fowl holiday humor meme photo

"I do not always celebrate Thanksgiving, however when I actually do I drink Wild Poultry!"

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Pastor Shirley Ceasar #UNameItChallenge Memes



Peyton Jackson: Shamyra Nashay Owens k

Melanie Gazaway: Shamyra Nashay Owens

Rashad Mitchell: That lady with her hand up when she says look…

Boss Lady Lauren: Rashad Mitchell Can't handle it.

Aaliyah Jewel: Rashad Mitchell nary quiet. 31st 15-54\n\n\n\n\n,,,,,\n.\n…,LTD,, NOT JG! HAMRICK ^_^ \nAs dxdzze ze z Rd zarzuela ex w

LEADER: Ooooooh lawd!! that second video made me fall out my chair!!

DIミGO PミRミZ: Dats what my mom did! Lol

Anwar Scott: The legendary Shirley Caesar went in on this one ������…God Bless

Sento Sesay: OMFG this shit had me in tears

PrestigeJel: I Would Work Out To This

Thunder Lion: PrestigeJel that's what you'll be thinking about after u worked out

OneVeronique: Yawl going to hellllll U name it����������

mdgraves02: This beat hard

Destiny Monae: Lmfaoo I cannot

john johnson: someone needs to sign this lady a record deal

thatswhatsup0792: you name it!!!

SPLASH!: No such thing as female pastor

The Chairman: KingofMean A pastor is whoever God anoints and appoints to the office be it male or female.

Kenny McCormick: shes been a pastor for as long as i remember lol(im in her family)