Stretch thanksgiving update – stretch internet

Using the busy season under way, I needed to provide a fast update on a few of the latest happenings round the Stretch offices. Hopefully everybody includes a great Christmas and will get a short reprieve in the madness. If you are studying this after Thursday, get a poultry sandwich (second simply to watching football all day long in sweatpants because the best factor about Thanksgiving) and we’ll catch you on the most recent from Stretch HQ.

Mobile live stats and live blog features ready to go:

In situation you weren’t aware, these two features are actually completely functional. Listed here are a few shots of every for action:

Cardinal Stritch Live Blog

Football mobile stats

Volleyball Mobile Stats

Cumberlands Live Blog

To date the feedback continues to be good – please keep the suggestions and comments coming.

Pilot HD Streaming:

We’ve begun piloting HD streaming with a number of clients, once we anticipate relocating to more broadly available HD platform later on (stay tuned in for future posts on the full-scale transition). We’ve labored with a few clients which have HD video sources and lots of bandwidth, and also the results to date happen to be fantastic. Should you haven’t seen it yet, check out some Northeastern hockey in HD

There are a few other clients who’ve done some greater bit rate streaming (900-1000 Kbps) effectively, including Yale, Furman and Washington College-St. Louis. When you get an opportunity, make sure to take a look at their video too.

If you are thinking about testing and exploring either HD streaming – or simply growing your bit rate – tell us and we’ll be happy to speak within the options along with you.

Stretch had a lot of fun in Chicago in the Symposium for Greater Education

Ryan and that i made the trek to Chicago at the begining of November for that AMA event coupled with a lot of fun talking to folks (some current clients, some prospects) about the advantages of our CampusCentral platform. Before the event we’d an opportunity to walk lower to Wrigley Field and find out some good stuff inside a historic and storied city. We even happened upon Stretch Bar and Grill not to mention, we made the decision we needed lunch there. We set up a couple of pictures from your trip over on the Facebook page.

We view an enormous rise in the range of ways customers are utilizing our streaming platform, and we’re excited to determine where else the imagination may take things. For individuals who may be “just” athletics clients and aren’t aware, our CampusCentral platform enables clients to stream a multitude of occasions from commencement events to recitals to presidential addresses. Here’s a review of a couple of in our clients who make use of the CampusCentral option:

Olivet Nazarene

Nebraska Wesleyan College

Franklin & Marshall College

Ryan has additionally authored articles on streaming music performances, which is printed the following month within the Journal of Performing Arts Leadership in Greater Education. The content is entitled, “Streaming Musical Performances at Institutions of Greater Education: An Operating Consider the Benefits, Needs and Implementation.” We’ll make sure to tweet a hyperlink when it’s on-line – it’s sure to become a great primer for schools searching to interrupt into el born area.

Well that’s a fast rundown on a few of the things happening around here. We’re entirely-on-busy-season-mode around here. That is why now brings a significantly welcomed opportunity to catch our breath and think about things that we’re grateful for. I really hope everybody includes a great Thanksgiving break and eats a significant amount of. If you need to maintain an expensive setting (read=no sweat pants)… well,  a) Personally i think sorry for you personally and, b) make certain to release that belt a notch. As someone, somewhere once stated eat, drink and become merry!


SQUASH & STRETCH: The Animation of Jak & Daxter – Extra Frames


LimitedSauce: My comprehension of tracer's and mccree's highlight has been ruined forever.

FantasyAddict95: But now one of Zenyatta's sprays makes so much sense…

Craftosaur: <

Daniel Floyd: Just a heads up to clear confusion: this isn't actually a reupload. It's a more polished, heavily-edited reworking of the animation analysis Let's Play stuff I was doing over on Extra Play. I've turned those episodes into this more polished, condensed series here on the main channel. Once I've retooled the 12 Principles episodes I made for Extra Play, it'll be all new stuff from then on!

Nathaniel Jordan: I didn't watch the original series, but I enjoyed this quite a bit!

Roxor128: Keep up the good work, Dan! This series is really interesting.

Extra Credits: This episode is a remastered and improved version of a recording done on our second channel, Extra Play. We edited together a new video and wrote a new script to create a more focused version of this discussion! It's definitely familiar to those of you who watch Extra Play, but we believe this remastered version is much better than the original.\n\nFor more information about why we decided to re-release these episodes, here's the Extra Frames announcement:\n\nTo revisit the longer version, watch Original Jak and Daxter episode (Part 1):

CaptainPornomag: what do think of survival games with micro transactions?

Shadowlord 11: I'm no Extra Credits but I think it's a bad idea.

Cedric1234_: Jak and Daxer instantly getsme prepared to focus for 15 minutes

Extra Credits: Learn about the animation principle that makes Jak & Daxter look and feel so cartoony: Squash & Stretch.

Ninja: hah! Showing off a couple frames of SkullGirls. I feel like you should go over some of the animating tricks that goes on in that game for a later episode. who knows… either way, great episode!

Jjoosshh C: For appeal you should use tf2,overwatch or punch out

DivinityOfBLaze: For some reason I remember watching this before…

icedragon769: No, he's still working on this series. The next Extra Frames video will be on Sonic, so he's playing through a bunch of Sonic games.

The lord of the memes: icedragon769 bless his soul

Snakke: Surprisingly no mention of stretching and squeashing car keys and pikachu -jokes.

BayLaugh Animations: Or Owen Wilson

BackwardsPancake: W O W

TheLongRun: man i want a new jak game