Thanksgiving wallpapers for brand new tab – free addons

You’ll find the extension in Chrome Online Store.


Thanksgiving Wallpapers for New Tab

Get lovely pictures of Thanksgiving day everytime you open a brand new tab. Have some fun! 🙂

Thanksgiving Wallpapers for New Tab


– Select your favourite wallpaper from many available wallpapers, or Shuffle (randomized background images).

– Check Date & Time instantly having a digital clock in Chrome NewTab.

– Weather indicator, current weather status is displayed directly in Chrome NewTab.

– Search with Google within the new Chrome new tab page.

– Images are incorporated, allow it to be loads faster. Work offline (the add-on doesn’t download anything whenever you open a brand new tab).

Thanksgiving Wallpapers for New Tab

UPDATE .1.4:

– Added “Most Visited sites” to menu for convenient navigation.

– Allow users to mark images as favorite, shuffle all images or shuffle favorite images only.

– New weather indicator service which is way better and much more accurate.

– Allow users to change between 12 hrs and 24 hrs format, switch between Celsius & F temperature.

– Simple & clean theme, more stunning HD pictures were added.

Thanksgiving Wallpapers for New Tab

UPDATE .1.3:

– Bug-fixes and UI/UX enhancements.

– Simpler to alter theme and shuffle images.

– Faster New Tab load time.

– Weather indicator could be switched on/off.

Thanksgiving Wallpapers for New Tab

My favorite-loved Thanksgiving quotes:

“Thanksgiving is among my personal favorite days of the season since it reminds us to provide thanks and also to count our benefits. All of a sudden, a lot of things become so very little whenever we realize how fortunate and lucky we’re.Inches

“Gratitude can modify common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into pleasure, and alter ordinary possibilities into benefits.”

“If you’ve made a summary of everything you may be grateful for, their email list would unquestionably be more than your misfortunes.”

“We are fortunate in a lot of ways, a lot of things we ignore but we ought to stop and become grateful on a daily basis.Inches

“If you’re really grateful, where do you turn? You share.”


Brand New – Jesus Christ (Guitar & Bass Cover)


Kevin Mercado: Jesus Christ, such a good cover\n\nha

Blake McConnell: All gear and tabs used are in the description, thank you for watching

Rybread 28: so the best guitar sound I have ever heard is on jesus christ by brand new. TDAGARIM by brand new will allways be in my top 5 favorite albums fo all time just a mind blowing album by a mind blowing band

Michael McKerracher: yesss great song, great cover dude!

Baylee Sager: cover microwave, their new album was amazing

Blake McConnell: I love Microwave, and I have much love for Much Love but like 6 people would watch a cover of something off of it. If it were anything, I would do Vomit. But if we're talking Microwave songs in general, I would have to cover Something Right. That song gets me.

Breezy Blink: Getting into Brand New?

Breezy Blink: Blake McConnell ah I see

Breezy Blink: . Thanks man!

Miniuzi: such an awesome cover dude

Briana Blye: Obsessed with this and you

rian kyle: I would love to see this, but somehow it's not available :(

Blake McConnell: +rian if you're on mobile it may not work due to copyright

JeanPierre Villavicencio: Providence

JeanPierre Villavicencio: really i used to live there to love the place but found a better place in ny so yeahh!!

Blake McConnell: +JeanPierre Villavicencio i'm moving to nebraska so i feel that as well

Isaiah Flores: that guitar is so sexy

Ernest Rusucarp: Like for the T-60

Blake McConnell: Buy it from me

LashingSum0: I read your description and a comment. Why don't you cover any brand new content?