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Express it ain’t so!


Gratitude: it’s what Thanksgiving is about!

Once the food prep goes awry:

Putting the enjoyment in…

Following a scrumptious meal, when you are stuffed…

And, finally… the down-side to Thanksgiving dinner.

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TheRichest: You need to check out our friends at TheSportster! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kl_cb1hHQXM

Hopeful: that last photo was clearly someone extra slouching probably repairing his watch, headless ghost lmao

Jasmine Vass: Hopeful yass

Peridot The Crystal Gem: hmmm…nope..I still not believe in ghosts…sad…

Chelleigh Lee: When people get here early and comment, then they edit that comment AFTER they've actually watched the whole thing������

The daily daber: rubish mate u are an a hole��������������������

Mark Pugner: 4:40 Hes smoking a bong. Or his manhood.

Madison Adkins: Mark Pugner lol

abdulidris75: Mark Pugner even you are smoking so whats the point

Minhaj Uddin: Don't worry, ur safe in the comment section.

Lauren Meitz: I'm just glad I did not watch that at night

Minhaj Uddin: +M314B MERKZY ����

Reza Tajik: the internet speed makes me cry

Anastasija TheApricot: Sepher Tajik lol samr

Mystic _: what do u mean?

Cyber: F E E D M E P A P E R

Gry Luneborg: Cyber: That means "fat paper" on danIsh ��

TheEpicDuckGamer Blog And More: Gry Luneborg Are you Danish

Andywan Clash Royale/more: 2:31 top right i thought she was gonna point that out

Zoniac74: i think i see a face