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oh whoever else completed to deserve this?
a lot hate inside your heart on your own
yet you had been living wrong
I really hope you are happy now

sweet child, exactly what a pity that individuals will not help
but make you
the number of tears have you shed as he stated
he did not adore you back?
I think you’ll find peace within yourself

I am sorry he does not see you are the main one
you are both stuck within this endless
paradox where nobody wins
don’t change yourself simply to please
the unpleasable
I really hope you are whole again eventually

you poor, tired soul. sit back and appear within the mirror for something new.
you’re nothing otherwise beautiful.
be kind to yourself
I think you’ll find happiness eventually

oh exactly what a warrior you’re. wartorn land and heart.
you are even more than your mistakes.
check out everybody surrounding you.
I think you’ll realize you are not by yourself

my honey bear, my sweetie cake
both hands still shake once they call your company name.
stop pretending you are okay.
there is nothing to become scared of
I really hope eventually you discover clearness

you beautiful creature, the number of occasions has someone unsuccessful to go with you?
time is incorporated in the negatives now and you are still in your high horse
leave for any second and ground yourself. it is just dependent on time.
I think you’ll forgive and end up forgetting

my light, my dark, my all things in between
stop and take a break
can’t you hear them singing for you personally?
your vision always made me stop
I think you’ll forget why you are hurting

baby bear cub, you sweet little factor
the number of days are you currently at ocean? enough not to love it well
keep in mind in which you originated from
I really hope your dreams become a reality

my one real love affair, you are mighty small for somebody who likes to talk
onto your nose freckles never appeared so prominent
I really like your laugh, I really like your cry
I think you’ll realize what you have done in my experience

my existence and my would-be lover, you are drowning in regret
I’m able to smell the whiskey in your breath
yet you are too drunk to determine straight
I think you’ll remember what you are

my soulmate and finest friend
I understand you are still hurting
but open for something new and inform them the actual you
you cannot sweep it underneath the rug forever
I think you’ll could be yourself

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'thanksgiving' poems - hello poetry did not adore you back

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