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Poetry is fun any season, this Thanksgiving Poetry isn’t any exception! You will find something for everybody on these pages, from

funny Thanksgiving poems

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We’ll start you served by this primary poem that’s about the one and only the famous and tasty Thanksgiving poultry!

Thanksgiving Poultry

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By George Parsons Lathrop revised by Kristina Harding

Valleys lay in sunny vapor,

Along with a radiance mild was shed

From each tree that they like a taper

In a feast was. Only then do we stated,

"Our feast, too, shall soon be spread,

Of excellent Thanksgiving poultry."

And already still November

Drapes her snowy table here.

Fetch a log, then coax the ember

Fill your hearts with old-time cheer

Paradise be thanked for an additional pair year,

And our Thanksgiving poultry!

girl in maze

Welcome, siblings – all of our party

Collected within the homestead old!

Shake the snow off with hearty

Hands-shakes drive away the cold

Else your plate you’ll hardly hold

Of excellent Thanksgiving poultry.

Once the skies are sad and murky,

‘Tis a contented factor to satisfy

Round this homely roast of poultry –

Pilgrims, pausing simply to greet,

Then, with serious elegance, to consume

A brand new Thanksgiving poultry.


And also the merry feast is freighted

Using its meanings true and deep.

Individuals we have loved and individuals we have hated,

All, to-day, the rite could keep,

All, to-day, their dishes heap

With plump Thanksgiving poultry.

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