3 easy hopes for thanksgiving dinner

1Prayer is definitely a difficult factor, also it becomes much trickier if you need to get it done before a roomful of individuals, particularly when that roomful is surely a assortment of your nearest and dearest. Thanksgiving Dinner could be a veritable minefield of hysteria and anxiety. Unmet expectations, differing political opinions, ancient feuds, and first-time appearances a few of the variables which will make for any fraught-filled holiday. Throw religion in to the mix and you’ve got all of the ingredients for holiday drama of Kardashian-like proportions.

If you function as the designated “prayer” prior to the meal this Thanksgiving, here are a handful of options that won’t fuel the flames. Quite simply, here are a few hopes that even your atheist uncle and teenage niece who worships the corn goddess can accept.

Meat and Taters Prayer

(Covers all of the bases, but doesn’t get too religious. Simultaneously, it will not delay your great-aunt who’s holding her rosary in the other finish on the table.)

Good and Gracious God,

We appreciate gathering us here today

And for the gifts that you’ve provided us with around that’s past.

We welcome the brand new addition(s) to the table, grateful for his or her presence

And bless all individuals accountable for the meals we’re going to eat, both far and near.

So we remember individuals who go without: without homes, without food, without peace.

We request you to bless them and also to soften our hearts.


The Quickie

(Short enough to ensure that individuals who’ve difficulties with religion won’t know you stated it until after it’s done.)


Appreciate everything you’ve provided us with.

Bless the prepare and bless all individuals who go without.


The Universal Prayer

(Doesn’t clearly name a greater power and particularly helpful when you will find both non-believers and individuals of differing belief traditions collected.)

Appreciate the meals,

Appreciate all we have,

Bless the hungry and also the destitute,

Take care of individuals in hospitals, jails, and institutions,

Comfort the refugee and also the orphan,

And grant us peace.

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