A thanksgiving prayer

A thanksgiving prayer May we imitate your loving

Here is a revision of the earlier Thanksgiving prayer. May God bless our Thanksgiving travels, gatherings, and occasions at table, and could we discover true breaking of the bread inside them all. I really hope to determine you in worship this Sunday, possibly with visiting family people and visitors.

      Elegance and Peace,



God of question, question of God, appreciate the benefits of prayer-filled moments. Your presence constantly surrounds individuals to whom we pray, but our petitions extend our embrace, express our belief, invite you into our care and love, and draw us to your care and love. We sometimes only have a reputation and silence to provide yet, you stir and speak even just in sighs and stillness. Amongst our petitions and supplications, allow us to to keep in mind to praise you. May our praises make us more observant, more grateful, and much more available to unfathomable and endless question.

On Thanksgiving, each day put aside for gratitude, may we not just count our benefits but additionally discern where individuals benefits demand much deeper gratitude. Once we offer sincere thanks, may we sense the possibilities your abundant gifts bring.

We appreciate the great, fertile, and often fragile earth: the purposeful change of seasons the plants and creatures and also the soil, water, and air that shape and sustain our garden home. Individuals who resided about this continent before us saw sacredness woven into everything is. Awaken our eyes and souls to primal goodness, that people may practice more faithful stewardship from the gifts of creation.

We appreciate the rhythm of elegance that sustains the existence of belief. With techniques unconnected with this goodness and depravity, benefits surround us and enable us to reply with praise, belief, love, and thanksgiving. May we imitate your loving kindness once we communicate with others and, from your elegance, form communities and families developed by kindness, whim, love, and customary good.

We appreciate the folks that we’ll gather now and also the bounty we’ll tell them. May understanding of our benefits overflow not just into hopes of gratitude, but additionally into functions and services information that offer more to individuals with less.

On Thanksgiving may miracles of the abundant elegance be labored. May individuals who have the least necessity of you be stripped of lonely pride and dressed within the warmth of the presence. May individuals who have the most necessity of you felt your touch through familiar faces and also the surprising goodness of other people. Once we receive our daily bread (and much more) so that as we pray for individuals who hunger, may we sense and praise the hands through which each one is given.

Throughout they then and responses, may we accept Jesus’ call to discipleship. May his method of just peace function as the path we walk may his great news function as the message our way of life proclaim and could his existence abundant and eternal be gifts we uncover and share daily. These, as all hopes, we provide for you with full confidence in the name. Amen.

Resourse: http://mwpc-church.org/

William S. Burroughs – A Thanksgiving Prayer


Mark Rose: I love my country, in the same way I've fallen in love with women for their potential. As superbly stated by WSB near the end, this disparity between potential and actual is vast, and with each passing year seems to grow exponentially. A gov't subservient to corporate interests, censored media that disseminates misinformation, etc., etc., and its no wonder the population is ignorant, pliable and easily manipulated. WSB shines the light of truth on darker destructive aspects of the American character. This T-giving prayer is 30 years old but more relevant than ever.

Charles Kesner: +Mark Rose Well said.

Pono KU: The disparity between potential and actual.

juphamy: This video is one of my favorite thanksgiving traditions.

Toast Duck: Right? I share this on all social media on thanksgiving. I have for 4 years now

jamie1707: so have I, and I've been reading it before dinner instead of some other crap. And boy oh boy have I taken a lot of shit for it

Jason Harris-Talley: This poem isnow 30 years old, yet it could've been written moments ago, eh?

Joey A: Because the human brain likes to look for parallels and patterns.

Joshua Trees: Never more relevant.

tjs6025: Thanks for a nation of finks

tjs6025: +Velebitski Kamen a person who rats on someone else, a deceiving individual, a narc.

Velebitski Kamen: thanks

Don Dresser: I watch this every Thanksgiving.

Corbin White: Naked Dinner

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fishhead06: Even more relevant this year.

Avok The Bat: This video seems more appropriate now than ever.

Edwina Tollstoy: those last words "thanks for the last and greatest betrayal of the last and greatest of human dreams…"

Rubber Soul: "You always were a headache and you always were a bore"\n\nHappy Thanksgiving 2013 everyone!!

Rubber Soul: "to vulgarize and falsify until the bare lies shine through"…how did Billy predict a Trump presidency 30 years ago?\n\nHappy Thanksgiving 2016 everyone!