Thanksgiving hopes and table graces

Thanksgiving hopes and table graces that made both your

Everybody wants to provide thanks before we love the bounty of Thanksgiving Day. Any words of thanks are pleasing to God, so we can invariably speak directly from our hearts to the loving Father. If you’d prefer more formal hopes, check out these options…

Thanksgiving Hopes and Table Graces

Published by “Building Faith”  on November 26th, 2014–available online here…

“Be present at our table, Lord

be around and everywhere admired.

Bless these thy gifts and grant that people

may feast in fellowship with thee.”

Thanking God on Thanksgiving

Would you provide a blessing before you eat? Possibly only on special events? Listed here are 10 Thanksgiving hopes and table graces which you can use on Thanksgiving Day. This can be your opportunity to begin a brand new tradition of beginning all meals having a word of prayer. May God appreciate it and yours this Thanksgiving and beyond…

Traditional Table Graces and Thanksgiving Hopes

Bless, O Lord, this food to the use,

and us to thy service,

making us ever conscious

of the requirements of others.


Bless us, O Lord, which thy gifts

which we’re going to receive from thy bounty,

through Christ our Lord.


Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest,

Let these thy gifts to all of us be fortunate.


Show up at our table, Lord

be around and everywhere admired.

Bless these thy gifts and grant that people

may feast in fellowship with thee.


Thanksgiving Prayer from “We Thank Thee” by Rob Waldo Emerson

With this new morning using its light,

Father, we thank thee.

For rest and shelter from the night,

Father, we thank thee

For health insurance and food, for love and buddies,

For everything thy goodness transmits,

Father in paradise, we thank thee.


Thanksgiving Prayer for The Harvest

Loving God, all we have

originates from your goodness

and also the work of individuals who love us.

Bless us and also the food we share.

Keep an eye on individuals who take care of us.

Open our eyes to the requirements of poor people

during this period of harvest and thanksgiving.

We find out through Christ our Lord.


(From Benefits and Hopes with the Year, Elizabeth McMahon Jeep, Liturgy Training Publications 2004)

A Thing of Thanks

For strength and health and daily food

for the joys which make existence worth living

for that chance to assist individuals

who require us so much,

we provide you with thanks, O God. In Jesus’ name.


(From Pilgrim Hopes for Mealtime, Alexander Campbell, Pilgrim Press 2013)

Thanksgiving Prayer “That We Might be Renewed”

Loving God,

bless our drink and food

our friendship and our laughter

Thanksgiving hopes and table graces blessing beforethat people might be restored

in body, mind, and spirit

to operate together

for that introduction of your kingdom

of justice, love, and peace.


(By Maureen Edwards, printed in Fortunate be our Table, Neil Paynter, Wild Goose 2003)

The Hands that Made both your hands

For that hands that tilled,

for that hands that harvested,

for that hands that processed,

for that hands that transported,

for that hands that stocked,

for that hands that offered,

for that hands that bought,

for that hands that prepared,

for that hands which will hold,

for that hands that made both your hands,

our hearts are forever grateful.


(By Ewan Aitken, printed in Fortunate be our Table, Neil Paynter, Wild Goose 2003)

A Scottish Elegance

Praise to God who giveth meat.

Convenient unto all who eat.

Praise for tea and buttered toast,

Father, Boy, and Holy Ghost.


(From Saying Elegance, Sarah McElwain, Chronicle Books 2003)


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