Thanksgiving ‘prayers’ for secular families

I lately grew to become part of a Facebook group known as Moms Beyond Belief, kind of an kind of Dale McGowan’s Parenting Beyond Belief community. It’s a web-based support group for secular moms.

So a week ago mom of the 5-year-old shared that her daughter desired to say a “pray” before you eat. The household doesn’t believe, and for that reason doesn’t pray, therefore the mother was searching for other activities the household could say rather. I loved the issue, especially considering this specific holiday. Thanksgiving dinner is among individuals meals so remarkable it practically cries out for some form of much deeper acknowledgement. Inside my house, we usually finish up toasting the prepare, that is infinitely appropriate but additionally lacks the strength of prayer. Something about joining both hands and shutting your vision and extremely considering what’s been accomplished for you tomorrow, and all year round.

For the reason that spirit, I figured I’d provide you with a couple of kid-friendly secular hopes — the very first two left the Facebook thread, the 2nd two thanks to Maybe you’ll rely on them today. You may won’t. But is it not nice to achieve the option? Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

Now we get together

We’re glad to determine one another.

All of the good stuff that people share,

arrived at us with care and love.

Earth we appreciate our food,

for play and work and all sorts of that’s good,

for rain and wind and sun above,

but many all for individuals we like.

We like our bread.

We like our butter.

But first and foremost,

we like one another.

Appreciate our meal.

Appreciate the buddies we meet.

Appreciate the wild birds that sing.

We give thank you for everything.

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A Family Thanksgiving Prayer


Jolanta Andruszkiewicz: Amen. Thank you Maria, this is a very beautiful prayer. God Bless you.

Angie Maldonado: AMEN!������

clivy pereira: Amen. A great thank you Maria. Much appreciated.

Millard Gilbert: Praise the Lord, Amen!

Mz Mac: AMEN. Thank you Maria, May God Bless And Keep you Safe To Deliver MORE Beautiful Prayer AMEN.

Pamela Meredith: Amen

R.L. Read: Amen…xo

Mary G: amem

Lidya HaileYohanness: Amen!!!

Ladyb Jeffrey: Amen – Having the Words written as well would be very much appreciated. be blessed in all ways!

Marie-France Levesque: Amen but could you please email me the prayers instead in writing rather than video please? thank you!

Ray Khouri: amen

Lillian Marure: AMEN…..���� I Thank You Very,Very Much for This Special Prayer Maria, You are Such a Special Person, Like God Send an Angel to Me. I will Ask God to Send all his Angels to Protect You, Send You lots of Health,Success,Happiness,Joy,Love, and lots,lots of Peace. Amen..+++ ��������❤��������