Ten thanksgiving sayings and signs :: what a good idea!

It was things i saw after i looked the window yesterday, before we’ve got several more inches of white-colored lake-effect fluff.

Water Snow Scene in November

I’m so not prepared for snow.

Foliage is still coming lower.

What’s Nature thinking?

Does she not know… Winter doesn’t formally arrive for an additional 36 days!!

Alternatively hand… it’s beautiful.

Regardless… I have fall and Thanksgiving around the brain.

Should you choose too, you’ll want to look at my tutorial to make beautiful natural leaf chargers for the Thanksgiving table.  Be watching in my Thanksgiving tablescape on Tuesday, adopted up by another fun tutorial for that centerpiece on Thursday.  I think you’ll like it.  In the meantime… you should check out my past Thanksgiving tablescapes: here & here & here & here.

And talking about Thanksgiving…

There’s still time for you to dress your house and table using these remarkable Great Ideas!

Ten Thanksgiving Sayings and Signs

Ten Thanksgiving Sayings and Signs Featured on Project Inspire

Blackboard and Fabric Door Banner by Haberdashery Fun

Grateful Individuals Are Happy Printable by Elegance and Enchantment

Thanksgiving Blackboard Decor by Create and Babble

Give Thanks Thumbtack Art by View In The Fridge

Fall Wreath by Eco-friendly Willow Pond

Button Cornucopia by An Innovative Princess

You Have Been Gobbled Thanksgiving Treat by Jack O’Lynn Murphy Designs

Give Thanks Poultry Slat Sign by Home. Made. Interest.

Clay T-Day Banner by Delineate Your Dwelling

Thanksgiving Blackboard Printables by The Crazy Craft Lady

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Learn ASL: Sign about Thanksgiving and Black Friday in American Sign Language


Diane Chapman: thank u. good work!

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Tricia Schafer: Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for the opportunity to learn ASL with your videos!

Meredith ASL: TOUCH-HEART! Thank you so much for the kind words!! I'm glad you find my channel useful 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend.

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Music is my life: thanks for being a great teacher! I got my wisdom teeth removed a few days ago, and the first thing I did was start signing ASL. I thought it was funny ��

Meredith ASL: Ha! That's an excellent example of Deaf Gain — where hearing people can benefit from Deaf view and/or ASL! I hope you're recovering well :)

Ivy Y: Thank you so much for making your videos

Meredith ASL: Thank YOU for taking the time to view and comment 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend!

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Tis Griffith: I appreciate your videos 🙂 It appears to me that sign language cultivates cute mannerisms. Hopefully I will glean that quality with enough practice.\n\nHappy thanksgiving everyone!

Meredith ASL: Hi! Thank you for the kind feedback 🙂 I'm glad you find these videos useful. When you say "cute mannerisms", are you referring to the facial expressions used during signing? If not, then a simple 'thanks' will do. But if SO, then please note that these are not actually mannerisms but rather required grammatical features of ASL — such as raised eyebrows for a 'yes/no' question. These you will learn with more study and pick up / become a natural with more signing!

Tis Griffith: +Meredith ASL\nI think it's a blend of both; good distinction though! Definitely a teacher at heart.

Dami Moco: here argentina , south america east 2016 years in my school I am learing asl and englihs and I am 2 years level if true