Thanksgiving quotes 2015: top 15 best sayings & quotes

Thanksgiving quotes 2015: top 15 best sayings & quotes one occasion every

1. Gratitude can modify common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into pleasure, and alter ordinary possibilities into benefits.

– William Arthur Ward

2. Thanksgiving dinners take 18 hrs to organize. They’re ingested in twelve minutes. Half-occasions take twelve minutes. This isn’t coincidence.

– Erma Bombeck

3. I celebrated Thanksgiving within an old-fashioned way. I asked everybody within my neighborhood to the house, we’d a massive feast, after which I wiped out them and required their land.

– Jon Stewart

4. When the only prayer you stated inside your whole existence was, “thank you,” that will suffice.

– Meister Eckhart

5. Thanksgiving Day is really a jewel, to create within the hearts of honest men but be cautious that you don’t go ahead and take day, and then leave the gratitude.

– E.P. Powell

6. Poultry for that women and Poultry for that boys. My personal favorite type of pants are corduroys. Gobble gobble goo and Gobble gobble gickel. If only poultry only cost you a nickel. Oh I really like poultry on Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

– Thanksgiving Song by Adam Sandler

7. Thanksgiving Day is a great day-to recommit our powers to giving thanks and merely giving.

– Amy Grant

8. Be grateful for which you’ve you’ll finish up getting more. If you consider what it’s not necessary, you won’t ever, have enough.

– Oprah

9. Thanksgiving, man. A bad day-to be my pants.

– Kevin James

10. You might have heard about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There’s a later date you might like to learn about: Giving Tuesday. The concept is fairly straightforward. Around the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, shoppers take a rest using their gift-buying and donate the things they can to charitable organization.

– Bill Gates

11. Thanksgiving is America’s national chow-lower feast, the main one occasion every year when gluttony turns into a loyal duty.

– Michael Dresser

12. An optimist is an individual who starts a brand new diet on Thanksgiving Day.

– Irv Kupcinet

13. Thanksgiving, in the end, is really a word of action.

– W.J. Cameron

14. Thanksgiving is definitely an emotional holiday. People travel a large number of miles to get along with people they merely see annually. After which uncover annually is much too frequently.

– Johnny Carson

15. Thanksgiving Day comes, by statute, annually towards the honest man it comes down as often as the center of gratitude allows.

– Edward Sandford Martin


Patricks 15 Best Quotes Ever!


ChafradorGaming: You're missing some.\n- "The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma"\n- "Who you callin' pinhead?"\n- "I love you."\n- "Where's the leak, ma'am?"\n- "FINLAND!!!"

guyoflife: +Adryan HD Mapping/Animation Productions NO! THIS IS PATRICK! I am not a krusty krab.

CreepyAllie: or "NO! THIS IS PATRICK!"


Usagi: I wombo you wombo he she me wombo

Brian Nguyen: Oscar Floyd may I take your hat sir

Shredder3371: You left out the best ones\n\n"I love you"\n\n"FOCUSING…\n\n"Did I miss something? Did you see my butt?"\n\n"FINLAND"\n\n"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!?!? AFRAID TO LOOK UGLINESS IN THE FACE?!?! WELL HERE! ITS UGLY ISNT IT!?!? LOOK AT IT! LOOK AT IT! LOOK AT IT!"

mezz ryan: +Patrick r u fake?

Sleeping With Veil At The Disco: Don't forget "Is this the Krusty Krab"? "NO THIS IS PATRICK"!

Ike Campbell: I cant believe i cant see my forehead isn't in there 

Shawn Kemp: "Whoever's the owner of the white sedan, you left your lights on"

That guy joe: "Whoever threw that paper your moms a ho"


Pikmaniac Weegee 101: MY NAME'S NOT RIIIIICCCCKKKKKK!!!!

Pikmaniac Weegee 101: why wasn't that in it?

Death 13th: I liked that "I DEFY YOU HEARTMAN!!" was in there.

NOOAH: "Dont you have to be stupid somewhere else?" "Not until four" LMAO

joel mason: I feel good for having watched all of these episodes

Christo Siegel: Is it just me or are most of these lines are from Patrick?

Jordan Scott: I wonder if I fall from this height, it'd be enough to kill me.