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    7 Easy Thanksgiving Recipes


    Mrs. Un: oh yes, just throw the ball into the beaten egg and MAKE A HUGE MESS.

    Suz Anna: that splash broke my heart

    Rayyan Noman: Who else just watches and not cooks?

    Isabella the graceful Angel: Rayyan Noman I just watch it for fun and to learn so I know how too cook when Im older

    bubblegum bixch: Let me get this straight\nYou deep fry the entire turkey\nIm fat but\nGood Lord…

    Elizabeth Shaw: +banana brain not you dear:-)

    Morgan Radocy: This is how my family has been preparing our turkey for a couple years now. Different prep, I'm sure, but the vat of peanut oil is legit. It makes the skin crispy and the inside juicy.

    yaoi rabbit: Sorry, this wont do. I need Greens, beans, potatoes, tomatoes YOU NAME IT.

    Nitroausome: there's potatoes in the mashed potato balls

    Angela Yupanqui: yaoi rabbit

    Ajthebob: "Easy"

    Munrell Smith: Ajthebob do go XP chi ryhioooí

    Fatiha Subah: Ajthebcczob f

    Toxic Blood: What is a Tasty video without cheese?

    MLG 1025: Toxic Blood it isn't a Tasty video

    just a random gay sheep on the Internet: Toxic Blood a healthy junk food video

    Alex Vasiliu: Who the FUCK just brines their turkey in just salt,(pepper) and sugar??? Seriously? No bay leaves,thyme,nothing?

    Isabella the graceful Angel: Henry Zhang hey don't say that not everyone in a!Erica is fat and has diabetes


    Angela Yupanqui: adrianaxo