Thanksgiving vinyl crafts, words, sayings, and gifts

Summer Hours
Summer time Hrs

Lovin' title=
Lovin” The Farm Existence – Vinyl Only

God Gives Us a Song - Vinyl Only
God Provides For Us an audio lesson – Vinyl Only

Together is a Beautiful Place to Be -Vinyl Only
Together is really a Beautiful Spot to Be -Vinyl Only

Fish Tremble When They Hear My Name - Vinyl Only
Fish Tremble Once They Hear My Name – Vinyl Only

Home of the Free Subway Art - Vinyl
Home from the Free Subway Art – Vinyl

4th of July Subway Art - Vinyl Only
fourth of This summer Subway Art – Vinyl Only

Freedom Begins With Choices - Vinyl Only
Freedom Starts With Choices – Vinyl Only

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Fast, Affordable Christmas Gifts using Vinyl


Stacy Garcia: How adorable! As a young woman who's barely starting to get into crafting this is an awesome awesome crafty gift idea! You are so thoughtful and kind, I really look up to you! TFS from Tx ��

Angie Haumont: For sticky stuff I use Goo Gone. Works great, has a nice smell as well and I can use it on all sorts of things. Worked great 10 years ago when my kids were 6 and 4 and into their sticker phase. Had stickers on my TV even. :/\n\nI love this craft idea. :)

Debra Kinder: Hi there, Love this idea and well, gosh, I love all your ideas, but you make everything look so easy and it is when following your directions. thank you

TiffanysTouch: love it!! I'm solo doing these for Christmas gifts!!!

Alyson Little: I never knew transfer tape existed, what an amazing thing lol. idk why but I just find that so cool!!!

Michelle Christopher: Hi Maymay, love what you did than you for sharing smiles. Been watching your videos all last night ad this morning the chunky card album and another album series love what you did through the years smiles you make it look so simple . Thanks have a great day love it …

June Lucas: Michelle Christopher bb

Deborah Brooks: Love this so affordable and kind.

Kristina-Leigh Ghigliotti: Love this idea Maymay!

Kristina-Leigh Ghigliotti: Love this idea Maymay!

Janine 04: The primary ingredient of that cleaner will be isopropyl alchohol (IPA) also known as 99% rubbing alcohol. You can buy this pretty cheap on its own probably a few dollars at CVS.

Charlene Byington: Awesome ideas from Brothers scan n cut, thanks. �� �� ��

My Abundant Life: Pinterest has many!!!!

Createlynn DIY: love this idea! I am going to make these for Christmas but use mason jars and bottles of wine instead.

Craft Corner with Esther C: Cute gift idea ��

Kathy Brenneman: Hi MayMay,\nI keep asking Santa for a Cricut, maybe next year! Anyway….love this project. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. \nKathy B. (fairylady0227)

cynthia webb: how do you get your scan and cut 2 start in the upper left-hand Corner mine always wants to go to the far-right

debican01: Super cool idea. I can think of at least 3 friends I want to do this for. Tfs…hugs, Debi

ilovecrafts 100: Hi Maymay, great inexpensive gift! Just wanna say it's refreshing when you say…don't stress. I know some of us can be hard on ourselves, I'm guilty of it, but if something goes wrong I need to just relax and say don't stress Hehe! Thanks! Another cute video :-)

Cyndia Gilbert: Love it!