Funny thanksgiving poems

The very first from the funny Thanksgiving poems in this article is Poultry Poultry. Here is a hint: it is all about the soy.

soy turkey

Poultry Poultry

Poultry, Poultry,

full and fat.

November’s near.

You will soon go splat!

They’ll roast you up

and slice you thin.

Oh exactly what a mess

you are surely in.

Combined with stuffing

and a few sauce.

It’s plain to determine

the prepare is boss.

What would truly

provide you with pleasure. . .

will be a poultry

made from soy!

by Denise Rodgers

Art by Denise Rodgers


All Legal rights Reserved

I authored the 2nd of those funny Thanksgiving poems ages ago — before I’d children. (They are adults now it has been some time.) This poem was inspired by my father, nobody did develop in Belgium. He would be a city boy, resided in Krakow. However when his family visited the countryside, he was chased by wild turkeys, who apparently enjoyed nipping him within the butt.

I possibly could never realise why this could prevent him from eating the bird. In the end, wouldn’t revenge be sweet? In the meantime, please benefit from the next funny Thanksgiving poem.

turkey bites butt

The Poultry Gives Thanks

Thanksgiving is my personal favorite feast.

The table’s set, the napkins creased.

We also have an excellent big crowd

With uncles, aunts and kids loud.

The grownups shoo us to the chairs

With pushing hands and parent stares.

We wait to consume — however this part’s cool.

Our primary dish isn’t, ever poultry!

Our grand daddy won’t eat this bird.

About this he gave his solemn word.

Years back as he was youthful,

He vowed it-not to pass through his tongue.

Like a boy, he resided beside

The moving Polish countryside.

The turkeys (this really is so unkind)

Would chase and bite his small behind.

So despite the fact that the correct answer is standard,

He shuns the bird in each and every form.

I know the way grand daddy feels

And just how it’s altered his existence-lengthy meals.

But me, I’d rather take attack.

Annually, I’d bite it well!

by Denise Rodgers

Art by Denise Rodgers


All Legal rights Reserved

The 3rd of those funny Thanksgiving poems is Two Turkeys. It’s about a structural family. (It had been inspired by my mother-in-law who was adamant on getting her poultry to the Thanksgiving meal, despite several pointed conversations, a few days ahead of time, indicating it had not been necessary.) Normal people are boring, no? Enjoy.

two turkeys

Two Turkeys

We’ve two turkeys at our home

Because Mother and Gramma fight.

Neither one of these believes

another roasts it right.

Additionally, there are a couple of stuffing,

a couple of home-made berry sauce.

Let us face the facts, there’s two of every,

Because are both boss.

We eat everything , some food from both,

to become nice.

We make quite certain when

we burp — that people burp two times!

by Denise Rodgers

Art by Denise Rodgers


All Legal rights Reserved

All of the the funny Thanksgiving poems in this article is about the poultry. Within this situation, it’s really no poultry (similar to within the first poem). This really is a different one in my father, who still does not like poultry!

Beef not turkey

No Poultry

My dad hates Thanksgiving.

It is all about the stuffing.

He states it has the aroma of day-old socks.

The like his plate goes nothing.

He grits his teeth and would go to bed.

It provides my mother grief.

I believe the coming year, this holiday,

rather we’ll eat roast beef!

by Denise Rodgers

Art by Denise Rodgers


All Legal rights Reserved

I think you’ll enjoyed these funny Thanksgiving poems.
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