I thanks

Frequently I say to you how deeply I really like you,

though I do not let you know frequently enough

how grateful I’m for you personally

I appreciate your ex,

your friendship, your kindness

I appreciate making me smile,

to be there after i need someone

I appreciate your support,

your strength for the share with me

I appreciate the laughter,

the recollections, the quiet occasions together,

the center to heart talks

I appreciate making every day special,

or even more special than yesterday

I appreciate every moment,

every second that you have been part of my existence

I appreciate discussing yourself beside me

I appreciate loving and providing unconditionally

And when tomorrow I wake to locate,

there won’t be any more days along with you

I’ll appreciate all you’ve left out,

that can help to hold me through.

I appreciate yesterday,

today and tomorrow.

I really like you without finish

Your the romance of my existence

along with a special friend.

Tags: I Really Like You, love letter, supportive love, thanks love

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    Dwayne Johnson – You're Welcome (From "Moana")


    Zeina Alshaer: Fun fact : The story of which Maui killed an Eel, it was his wife who enabled him to do that her name is Hina. For a time, the goddess Hina lived as the wife of the eel. But she grew tired of him and decided to seek love elsewhere. Telling the eel that she was going to get him some delicious food, Finally she met Maui, he was attracted to her and took her as his wife. When the eel heard that he wanted to kill Maui. Then the Eel challenged Maui to a duel. Each would take a turn leaping into the others’ body and trying to kill him. If the eel killed Maui, then the eel would take his wife back. the eel's turn came first: he made himself small and entered Maui’s body. When he came back out, Maui was intact. Now it was Maui’s turn: Maui made himself small and entered eel's body, tearing it apart. Maui cut off eel's head In time, a shoot sprouted from the eel's buried head and grew into a coconut tree.

    Sandra Rusczyk: Zeina Alshaer v

    Alexis Clinton: Zeina Alshaer Wow. Are you Hawaiian? Do you know the legend of love being more powerful than death?

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