Thanksgiving day poems


May the voice of thanksgiving,

be heard enjoyably today . . .

may words of gratefulness

be sang heartily once we pray.

May our sincere ideas,

offer God His due praise

may we be grateful

as our because of Him we raise.

May the voice of gratitude,

be heard loud and obvious

may our humble thanks

be detected by every ear.

May our praises find out,

at our dinner tables today

may our thanks transcend

beyond Thanksgiving Day.

May the voice of thanksgiving,

be our happy noise today . . .

may our words of gratitude

be heard by God everyday!


Psalm 66:1

“Make a happy noise unto God,

all ye lands:”

King James Version

Public Domain

Copyright 2016

Deborah Ann Belka

~ Possess a Fortunate Thanksgiving ~

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A Thanksgiving Day Poem


PoetryETrain: Thank you, added to a playlist… Happy Thanksgiving…

totalrod2: @WhisperCrystal With words like that, I'd be putty in anyone's hands. Thanks Whispercrystal!

Dmanf88: @totalrod2 Anything by Patrick Kavanagh or Sylvia Plath

totalrod2: @DanishVlog Lol, sometimes it's like trying to catch lightning in a bottle. I need to take advantage of this tranquil mood while it lasts. This weekend I'll do a relaxation video.

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totalrod2: @WhisperTonic I did, thanks! Hope you had a nice one too. 😉 

DanishVlog: This gave me very big chills 🙂 I loved it.. Thank you so much :)

SkogenWhisper: Great video! Lovely poem :)

Mauro Cartaxo: Amazing video as always!

WhisperTonic: Hope you had a good Thanksgiving :)

totalrod2: @AstroWhisper haha, don't I wish! Thanks man.

AstroWhisper: I think your voice would cure cancer lol…this was very relaxing

totalrod2: @Dmanf88 Thanks! I try to do a little of everything I guess. Do you have something in mind?

Dmanf88: That was awesome. I love poetry videos. Do you read poetry?