The pilgrims’ first thanksgiving — hubbard’s cupboard

The pilgrims' first thanksgiving — hubbard's cupboard little Pilgrim clip art and

The Pilgrims’ First Thanksgiving

Studying the storyline:

  • Review with students the November calendar. Have students name the vacation occurring within this month. Will it occur at the start, middle, or finish from the month? What day is Thanksgiving on?
  • Ask students to orally share things that they are doing on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Ask students why they believe we celebrate Thanksgiving.
  • Show students that Thanksgiving continues to be celebrated for a lot of, a long time within our country which we will be studying and researching the initial Thanksgiving.
  • Ask students to orally share what think they already know that about Thanksgiving a lengthy time ago.
  • Then have each student share one question or factor that they wish to read about the first Thanksgiving. Write the students’ questions about a sizable bit of chart paper. For instance, "What food did they get your meals at the very first Thanksgiving?" (Kaira). Show students that in the following two days they’ll be looking for the solutions for their questions.
  • Read and discuss the storyline over a few days – stopping to visit more descriptive using the companion tales at tips – voyage to America, Pilgrim existence at Plymouth Plantation, which help in the Indigenous Peoples.
  • In the finish from the Thanksgiving study, make certain to possess students illustrate and employ Kid Writing to be able to share what they’ve learned!


  • Use ‘Pilgrim, Pilgrim’ for shared studying. Students can echo you while you’re reading or they are able to choral read – altogether or boys asking women. Also, students can gather all of the rhyming words for ‘see’, locate all the popcorn words – (what,do,you,see,I,a,the), and mask certain letters. Have students create a Pilgrim pointer by coloring a little Pilgrim clip art and attaching it to some Pop-sicle stick.. Students may then place their guide the place to find reread with family people!

Pilgrim, Pilgrim
(by M. Hubbard)

Pilgrim, Pilgrim, exactly what do the thing is?
I begin to see the king refusing my plea.
Pilgrim, Pilgrim, exactly what do the thing is?
the Mayflower ready for ocean.
Pilgrim, Pilgrim, exactly what do the thing is?
a brand new land to create me free.
Pilgrim, Pilgrim, exactly what do the thing is?
a tough winter, tough as possible.
Pilgrim, Pilgrim, exactly what do the thing is?
a eco-friendly bud on the spring tree.
Pilgrim, Pilgrim, exactly what do the thing is?
an Indian helping me.
Pilgrim, Pilgrim, exactly what do the thing is?
corn growing 1, 2, 3!
Pilgrim, Pilgrim, exactly what do the thing is?
praise, for grateful shall we be!

Pilgrim Pilgrim Emergent Readers Guide
(with all of black and white-colored clipart)

Printable Pilgrim, Pilgrim guide
(No clip art :You may decide to have students cut and glue clip art, draw your personal, and have students illustrate.)

  • Have groups of students interact to produce a class mural of either the Mayflower voyage, the Pilgrims, or even the Indigenous Peoples! Label the ship, supplies, products they will use, distinct bits of clothing, etc.
  • Retell the storyline from the First Thanksgiving. I designed a big book by which some pieces are movable for throughout the retelling. Other teachers at our K center draw the account on large chart paper as students watch and listen plus they retell the storyline.


The First Thanksgiving | Single Story | Level 7 | By Little Fox


LadieLydKyd: You forgot the part where thousands of Native American men, women, and children were murdered by the pilgrims.

Nevangamingthe Boss: LadieLydKyd yea my 10th great grand father was the tribes king and died from poison

Kaiden Filmore 3rd: Can't wait to eat that turkey

Amber Helle: If you want to know what REALLY happened:

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ATL 1: we all know it didn't happen like this. This is a joke.

i need theraphy: lol idiot it did happen the only thing wrong in this video is that they stole the corn

Darth R.: Thanksgiving is really about thanking god most of the pilgrims were Christians that's the real reason why they came here.

Pashion Watts-Gaines: good jod

Rukshana Begum: tomorrow is thanksgiving day in USA America celabrate this I am going to have a big meal ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������

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Ragidonne: and then what happened?

jessiethegirl from animal jam: I'm native American. my great grandfather told me all about it.

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The Tynys: I've heard there were earlier thanks-givings…two in texas. David Barton Historian from Wall builders covers this american history. Great video though and very educational.The `1621 is the thanksgiving that Americans celebrate.

Fiveminded: Interesting, i didn't know that.

Travis Boley: The Tynys if David Barton wrote it, you can be practically assured that it's made up

Billy Spears: yea

TheOneConsciousness Gives rise to all form: It wasn't the first thanksgiving, native Americans had been celebrating thanksgiving which was a 3 day celebration for thousands of years. Oh ya, don't forget the mass genocide, theft of land and property, and oppression from the u.s. gov and how the army nearly extinct the buffalo and bison in attempts to starve out the indigenous people. Gotta love these fairytales they keep shoving down the American peoples throat as if they are truth. What a sick history, time to teach our fellow Americans the real history of European colonization