The way a cowboy gives thanks – a thanksgiving poem by steve lucas

It’s that season again whenever we possess the chance to consider on and become grateful for that many benefits we receive every day. In the end, a lot of us have in all probability – within just per week – observed an attractive sunrise or perhaps a stunning sunset. We’ve likely rested in warm beds and we’ve been pleased with hot meals. Lot’s of those things we have a tendency to ignore, or at best ignore within the hurry in our lives. But there some people who’ve a far more elemental reference to the way in which situations are. Using what everyone began by helping cover their when compared with what we have now. And when your perception this way, well, then everyone has much more to become grateful for than we understand.

Sometimes it’s difficult to consider everything though, and to tell the truth most of us are most likely from practice. In such cases it may be useful to possess a cowboy show us how it’s that the cowboy gives thanks. Why a cowboy particularly, you may well ask? Well, for starters he most likely won’t leave anything out. You will see.

A text version which can be simpler to see are available below.

cowboy gives thanks

Many of us at F.M. Light & Sons want to wish a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. We’d like by way of thanking Mr. Lucas for sharing “How a Cowboy Gives Thanks” because we certainly enjoyed discussing it along with you. Other poems and tales by Steve Lucas are available here. Obviously, you can share this poem with the family and buddies!

The Way A Cowboy Gives Thanks

Steve Lucas

Most folks’ lists is going to be fairly short, although the Lord’s been best to most.

They shouldn’t say an excessive amount of they sure shouldn’t boast.

But I’ll warn you, if your cowboy continues to be asked towards the feast

Be ready for an oration of 20 minutes at the very least.

‘Cause a cowboy’s seriously grateful for that benefits God bestows

Most days it’s just him and also the Lord, and you may bet they know,

The miracles he sees every single day originate from paradise above

He and God link it’s almost hands in glove.

So he can’t wait to talk about what he’s seen with anybody who’ll listen

‘bout the good thing about fall colors and spider webs that glisten

Each morning sun, and calves over sleeping the colour tone.

He won’t go ahead and take credit it’s all what God makes.

He won’t see folks getting antsy, or even the dinner getting cold

He’ll keep discussing his lengthy list. He can’t be controlled.

So go on and eat your dinner, he won’t actually anyway.

He’ll eat his later together with his dog and horse. It’s only the cowboy way

On Thanksgiving Day, folks will participate in houses across our land

To talk about whatever they are grateful for, both little and also the grand

Like health insurance and wealth and family, food, pets and buddies they’ve made,

compensated off loans, new smartphones, as well as their daughter’s passing grades.


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