Family thanksgiving prayer – short prayer to see relatives gatherings on

Family thanksgiving prayer - short prayer to see relatives gatherings on We appreciate heroic troops    

thanksgiving day – short prayer for families

Family thanksgiving payers can be found through the complete family put together together, to pay for tribute towards the Holy Lord. Each family member expresses gratitude to Almighty for giving him/her a loving family, along with a great existence. Family people thankfully for that understanding, laughter and fun they tell their loved ones, for that happy things they are doing together and also the small joys of existence they like with one another. Thankfulness can also be expressed for giving support of loved ones and strength in occasions of trouble so when support is actually necessary for tough situations. The household thanksgiving hopes given below can help you pay your because of the Lord.

Thanksgiving Prayer To See Relatives Gatherings

Prayer 1

Jesus, appreciate loving us

And supplying food, shelter, and one another.

Every moment in our lives is really a gift

So we appreciate constantly You’ve provided us with.

Appreciate all of our fortune.


Prayer 2

Dear precious Lord,

We bow our heads in sincere, grateful prayer

For the ways You’ve fortunate our way of life

As well as for Your loving care.

We appreciate both your hands

Which have prepared this special treat

And pray that you’ll bless all individuals

Who’ve no food to consume.

We are grateful for Salvation’s plan

As well as for Your Holy Word

And pray we’ll assistance to spread

Your ex to individuals who’ve never heard.

We are grateful for the freedom

As well as for places of worship which are near

Where we are able to meet to praise Your Company Name

And worship without fear.

But nonetheless our hearts are saddened

By our siblings that aren’t free

Who are suffering dying and torture

For his or her Christianity.

We pray You’ll provide them with strength

And courage his or her mix they bear

And inform them God’s family

Remembers them in prayer.

We appreciate heroic troops

Who fight for liberty

And daily risk their lives

And braches to help keep our country free.

Forgive us in our many sins

And us close today

And bless this food You’ve provided us with,

In Jesus Name, we pray.



Prayer For Family Protection – Prayers To Protect Your Family


Shawna Tracy: Lord, please bless my family; keep them safe and healthy. Protect us from evil and negativity. In Jesus name, Amen.

Daisy Quake: Shawna Tracy Amen!!!

Jeanette Wessner: I'm in tears. …thank you so very much..I'm a single mother with two small children with very little money and I am defiantly a believer in our almighty God…he is LORD!! thank you again…I now feel like I can sleep…God bless you for selflessly doing this video so others can come into agreement just like the word says….Lord I ask you in Jesus name to bless this man to total overflow in every way…I can only imagine the testimonies in heaven at the opening of your own personal book written up of you by the Lord �� praise God

Vicey Morant: Icess Swantise I

The Learning Christian: amen

Susannah: Lord, please protect my family and place a hedge of protection around us and have angels encamp around us.

spiritraveler54: Amen, powerful!! Thank you for taking the time to create this wonderful prayer for our families. May God bless and keep you.

Fannie Cavazos: I accept and claim this prayer daily for my 2 daughters my son our families their dad and myself in the name of Jesus Christ almighty…amen.

Bella's Diary: I actually said this prayer last night and my family and I felt safe and protected from our almighty Lord❤️

Valerie Sotiropoulos: thank you for praying for my family both my blood family but also my spiritual family I have christian friends who are suffering in poor countries so I consider this prayer for both Amen

DailyEffectivePrayer: Amen!

Felicia Gayle: amen thank u lord for everything,if it wasnt u nothing would be possible

DailyEffectivePrayer: Amen. Praying for you Felicia.

Balori Balaeng: God is our refuge\nPslms46:1 Nametso

Joshua defazio: do a prayer for personal problems like drug or alcohol problems

Pahulu Nau: Thank you for the prayer. God bless

Icylin Rattigan: thank you for your prayer I received in. the. might name of Jesus our. soon coming. king God bless you and your. family

Joanna Vivero: My family has the worst luck ever. God please help and protect us. ❤️ A lot of people hate our family and are always causing harm to us we just want to be happy and live peacefully. Enough violence ! Enough is enough! Please I beg you God help our family! �� (btw I felt as if my soul was coming out of my physical body & felt all warm…wow!)

Brother Augusto: God Bless your family

Cyrilene Selman: St. Bernard Clairvaux the