Prayer before you eat – daily devotionals

Especially Appropriate for kids

For food and health insurance and happy days

receive our gratitude and praise

In serving others Lord may we

Pay back our dept of affection to thee.

Appreciate our meal,

Appreciate the planet so sweet,

Appreciate the wild birds that sing,

Thanks God for everything.

God is excellent, God is nice.

Let’s thank him for the food.

By his hands, we’re given.

Let’s thank him for the bread.

God our Father, Lord and Saviour

Appreciate your ex and favor

Bless this drink and food we pray

And all sorts of who explains to us today.

Without Thy sunshine and Thy rain

We’re able to do not have the golden grain

Without Thy love we’d ‘t be given

We thank Thee for the daily bread.Amen.

This clever one was compiled by Robert Burns

Some hae meat and canna eat,

And a few would eat that are looking it

But we hae meat, so we can eat,

Sae allow the Lord be thankit.

Moravian Blessing

Come, Lord Jesus, our guest to become

And bless they then

Presented by Thee.

And bless our family members everywhere,

And them inside your loving care.

We thanks, God

We thanks, God, with this our food,

for existence and health insurance and every good.

Let manna to the souls get —

the bread of existence sent lower from paradise.

From the hymn by John Cennick, 1745

Several from Ireland:

May the blessing from the five loaves and also the two fishes which God shared out one of the 5000 be ours. May the King who did the discussing bless our discussing and our co-discussing.

Bless, O Lord, this food we’re going to eat so we pray You, O God, that it could be great for the body and soul and when there be any poor creature hungry or thirsty walking across the road, send them into us that people can share the meals together, just like You share your gifts wonderful us.

May this food restore our strength, giving new energy to tired braches, now ideas to weary minds. May this drink restore our souls, giving new vision to dry spirits, new warmth to cold hearts. And when refreshed, may we give new pleasure for you, who provides for us all.

Bless us, O God.

Bless our food & our drink.

Because you redemmed us so very much

and delivered us from evil,

while you gave us a be part of this food

so may you allow us a be part of eternal existence.

That one comes from the Carmina Gadelica collected by Alexander Carmichael, late 1800’s

Provide us with O God from the adding nourishment to meal,

well-being towards the body, the frame from the soul.

Provide us with O God from the honey-sweet milk,

the sap and also the savor from the aromatic farms.

God within our waking, God within our speaking

God within our cooking, God within our eating

God within our playing, God within our digesting

God within our working, God within our Resting.

Inside a world where a lot of are hungry,

may we eat this food with humble hearts

inside a world where a lot of are lonely,

May we share this friendship with happy hearts.

O you who dress the lilies from the field, and feed the wild birds from the air, who leads sheep to pasture and also the hart towards the water’s side, that has multiplied the loaves and fishes and converted water to wine, are available to the table as giver and guest, to dine.

O Lord, who clothes the lilies

And feeds the wild birds from the sky,

Who leads the lambs to pasture

And also the deer towards the waterside,

That has multiplied loaves and fishes

And converted water to wine,

O Lord, arrived at our table,

As guest and giver, to dine.

Lord, bless this food and grant that people

May grateful for thy mercies be.

Educate us to understand by whom we are given

Bless us with Christ, the living bread.

Benefits for Christmastide

Within the peace of the season our spirits are happy:

Using the monsters and angels,

the shepherds and stars,

with Mary and Frederick we sing God’s praise.

From your coming may the hungry contain good stuff,

and could our table and residential be fortunate.

Bless us O Lord, which Thy gifts,

which we’re going to receive from Thy bounty

through Christ our Lord. Amen.

God of gifts, we appreciate the numerous ways you’ve fortunate us this very day. We’re grateful all of individuals who’re collected for this table. We request you to bless us and our food and also to bless individuals we like who aren’t around today. Within our gratitude and love, we remember your humble birth into our way of life and pray for individuals who’re are lacking the necessary to consume. We recall the stable that you were born and pray for individuals who’ve no home. We remember your challenging message of caring and providing so we pray for peace in families and nations around the world. We appreciate it and provide you with thanks inside your Spirit who brings our hearts to existence the Xmas Day and forever. Amen.

Ah, dearest Jesus, holy Child,

Make thee a bed, soft, undefiled,

Inside my heart, that it could be

A basic chamber stored for Thee.

Me for very pleasure doth leap,

My lips forget about can silence keep,

I too must sing, with happy tongue,

That nicest ancient song,

Glory to God in greatest paradise,

Who unto man His Boy hath given

While angels sing with pious mirth.

A glad year to any or all our planet! Amen.

(compiled by Martin Luther)


Morning Prayer Starting Your Day With God – Christian Prayer For Morning


Susan Armstrong: I thought the prayer was beautiful and the tempo perfect. \nThank you for making this video!\n������

Edna Koertge: Susan Armstrong slow down so we can read i am not a speed reader

Amaa bee: Edna Koertge that makes the two of us

Kelly bonner: thanks Lord please protect me from all hurt harm and danger please help my boyfriend to stop being mean to me please help me to deliver a healthy baby help my family to stay together in Jesus name Amen

Cynthia Ashton: May Jesus give you strength in your journey ��

sfe squib: Tressie Scott one child prays for straight As and gets them while thousands of other praying children are suffering while waiting for their prayers to be heard. The evidence is all around us and you ignore the reality of whats true.

Polyswaggot Love: thank you Lord for this new day may your spirit be with us today Lord

DailyEffectivePrayer: Amen.

Kelly bonner: please Lord forgive me for all my sins please bless me so that I will not deliver too early and that I have a healthy baby please Lord take the anger out of my boyfriend heart and bring him closer to you please help my family in Jesus name Amen

Joan Cummings: every

Joan Cummings: thank u jesus for another day i always pray at nightime and when i wake up in the mornings everyone please pray for me that i still dont have cancer \nim still not sure i had surgery last year thank u Jesus JCCummings

Alpha Mukeba: thank you for this prayer. God bless you

3cool2beans1: Proverbs 18:24 A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. \nWhenever you feel you have failed or fallen remember God's unimaginable Grace Mercy and Love for YOU and what a friend we have in Jesus!

Janice Bullard: Thank you for that Blessed Prayer my Brother through Christ Jesus I Want Complain …Amen Amen Amen>>>>+<<<<

Joan Cummings: uy

Kelly bonner: Lord let today be better than yesterday in Jesus name Amen

Rs B: put all trust in God not man

Shirley Graham: Thank you, needed this this morning.

DailyEffectivePrayer: You are welcome Shirley. God bless you.

Emmy Nyange: Amen In Jesus Name God Bless You .