Thanksgiving sermon: bless god, o my soul – psalm 103

Thanksgiving sermon: bless god, o my soul - psalm 103 ll sing praise for your

In a couple of short days we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving Day. It’s a shame we have just one day put aside every year to appreciate God like a nation. We ought to possess some time put aside every day, to provide our praise to Him that has fortunate us so highly.

I was searching within the local supermarkets earlier this week and observed that Thanksgiving has basically been overlooked. Christmas, due to its great commercial power, has already been being pressed within the stores. Noticeably absent would be the paper pilgrims that accustomed to decorate the shops no too long ago. Now when the big push to purchase costumes and chocolate has ended, out comes the commercialization of Christmas. We’re bombarded with Father Christmas and snowmen.

But because God’s people it’s fitting that people should focus our ideas, not just now but frequently, upon the goodness of God and provide our gratitude to Him for who He’s as well as for all He’s accomplished for us.
Thus, today and then Sunday Morning we are concentrating on this theme of Thanksgiving.

For those who have your Bibles use Psalm 103, the passage we read before our prayer.

Someone has known as this David’s "Hallelujah Chorus." Observe that within our text he addresses his soul. He’s reminding themself, because he praises god, of that God has been doing, however in the context we have seen that he’s utilizing a grammatical device here and it is instructing their own soul. This will be significant to some proper interpretation of the passage.

1. Praise god and count your benefits (vv. 1-2)

It’s a prayer of only praise to God. There’s no supplication, no request, no petition or plea within this prayer. It’s pure unadulterated praise to God. David was awestruck with God’s benefits. We’re not told the conditions by which David received this Psalm, but it is easy to assume the way it happened. Searching at his existence, counting his benefits rather of complaining about his burdens, it dawned upon David simply how much God tried for him. He recognized just how God have been and just how undeserving he was of these benefits. Arising in the depths of his heart and gushing out onto his parchment came this prayer of praise, this benediction expressing his gratitude toward god.

David recognized god together with his song, Should you ever have trouble praising god you can simply look at this psalm. A psalm is really a song. All of the psalms were actually sang through the Hebrews. The canticles, because the book of Psalms can also be known, is really a hymn book. So David sang this song of praise towards the Lord.

I can tell David, filled with emotion, passionate in most he did, praising God with all of his heart, He’d have a hard time in a lot of our places of worship today. He supported putting his all in it. This ancient Hebrew King seemed to be a proficient music performer, a guy who sang with feeling with conviction. It was a wondrous song of praise towards the Lord.

These words weren’t dry and stale when David sang them. These were filled with existence and. These were a part of his worship. You’ll recall that David was familiar with dancing as he worshiped God. Keep in mind that certainly one of his spouses, Michal, didn’t approve and belittled him, and God made her barren on her critique. Now a man who dances as he worships God wouldn’t be dry and monotonous because he sang this song. It wouldn’t be sang just like a funeral dirge or perhaps a requiem. It was an audio lesson of praise. David sang it with pleasure with an in-depth need to let God and all sorts of else who could hear know simply how much he wanted God to get praise and glory. The psalms are full of these types of praise songs.

Psalm 34:-12 (Concerning David, as he pretended to become insane in the existence of Abimelech, who drove him out, and that he departed.) "I’ll praise god whatsoever occasions His praise will be on my small lips. I’ll boast within the Lord the standard will hear and become glad. Proclaim beside me the Lord’s greatness let’s exalt His name together."

Psalm 66:1-4: "Shout enjoyably to God, all of the earth! Sing the glory of His name make His praise glorious. Tell God, ‘How awe-inspiring are the works! Your opponents will cringe before you decide to from your great strength. All of the earth will worship You and also sing praise for you. They’ll sing praise for your name.’"

Psalm 81, 92, and lots of, many more are songs of praise towards the Lord.

David was seriously interested in praising god. It had not been something he only did in the temple during religious events. It had been a part of his everyday experience. He was grateful towards the Lord and that he couldn’t help but praise him.

We have to consider this with regards to the way you sing our songs of praise.

Now, David was singing the traditional Hebrew form of "Count your benefits."

2. Existence in relationship with God is whole and healthy (v. 3)

Take a look at verse 3. (read verse)

Among the names from the demon may be the accuser from the brethren. In Job we have seen him going before God to accuse Job. We’ve every need to think that he goes before God even today to accuse us. He states, "Take a look at what he stated. Take a look at what she did. These folks you have are sinners. Just how can they are saying they adore you and then behave like they are doing?Inch He doesn’t need to lie about us as he comes prior to the Lord, for God wouldn’t permit it. No, you will find enough problems throughout our way of life he simply has to indicate the apparent.

The Bible calls him the foe, the enemy. But we have an Advocate. We’ve one that would go to the daddy on the account. We’ve Jesus the righteous. Once the old demon accuses us, our Advocate, Jesus, raises His nail-pierced hands and states, "Only a minute. We have seen no stain of crime with that one or with that one or with that one, since they’re mine. I’ve bought all of them with a cost as well as their sins, though these were like scarlet, happen to be washed white-colored as snow. They fit in with me.

As David writes underneath the inspiration from the Holy Spirit he realizes that God forgives our sins. But also, he sees believers as those who have occurred whole due to their relationship with God.

Verse 3b – who heals all of your illnesses – remember that he’s addressing his soul. So what sort of healing is he talking about here?

Many take this to mean physical healing. I affirm that God heals physically. While healing is really a sermon by itself, suffice to state that God may be the great physician with whom we are able to take our physical needs and petitions. He earned us and has the ability in order to save us.

James 5:14-15: "Is anybody among you sick? He should demand the elders from the church, plus they should pray over him after anointing him with essential olive oil in the specific Lord. The prayer of belief will salve the sick person, and also the Lord will raise him up and when he’s committed sins, he’ll be pardoned."

But physical healing isn’t the kind spoken of here. As to complete justice towards the interpretation of the passage, we can’t simply assign into it any meaning we wish. We have to comprehend it in the proper grammatical context. He’s speaking to his soul, telling it that God heals all of the illnesses from the soul, crime being chief included in this. Will the soul have illnesses? Indeed it will. Fear, doubt, depression, anger, lust, hate jealously, pride, avarice . . . other great tales as well as on. These soul illnesses all can be tracked to our fallen nature and also the results of crime. But God can provide permanent healing towards the soul.

Psalm 147:3 He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

3. Existence in relationship with God is significant (vv. 4-5)

Take a look at verse 4. While He forgives our sins, while he provides for us relationship, while he heals our souls illnesses, only then do we observe that existence is significant.

This verse could be made, "He keeps your existence from likely to waste."

The number of people waste time of the endures stuff that, over time, really do not count? They spend their days in search of the temporal passing things, and awaken eventually, empty, tired and feeling like there’s no use happening. Actually, they finish up feeling tricked because whatever they labored so difficult to acquire unsuccessful to create them the satisfaction that they wished.

The planet doesn’t offer any expect significant living. Money, material, power, position, things, will not get it done.
God gives His people purpose in living. He provides for us meaning. He keeps our way of life from likely to waste. Our way of life are resided with eternal purpose. All lives not resided in Christ are a covering of what they’re supposed to have been. This is among the advantages of knowing God, our way of life count they aren’t resided useless. They’ve eternal significance. This is among the things David is praising god for.

Verse 5: He satisfies the mouth area

He provides for us satisfaction within our senior years. Remember he’s talking with his soul, he’s stating that one benefit to be God’s people is the fact that if we are old we won’t need to think back upon our way of life with regret. No matter how old you are, or of the number of years you’ve walked upon our planet, God provides you with satisfaction.

Listed here are six practical tips to consider while you praise god.

  1. Bear in mind – Forget not his benefits.
  2. Be truthful – You shouldn’t be a phony. Don’t placed on an action. Phony Christians turn people off.
  3. Be grateful – There’s nothing that encourages praise like gratitude. Possess a grateful heart.
  4. Be vocal – Tell someone. Sing His praises. Bless someone having a testimony.
  5. Be natural – Praise God in a manner that is natural for you personally.
  6. Remain consistent – Allow it to be a part of your day-to-day experience.

What about you? Are you currently living a existence in relationship with God? If that’s the case, you can’t help but praise Him. This is actually the same passion David possessed.

How can you praise him? Together with your existence. But we have to take care not to fall under the rut the Israelites fell into – saying one factor and doing another.

Isaiah 29:13  "God stated: Since these people approach Me using their mouths to recognition Me with lip-service – yet their hearts are not even close to Me, as well as their worship includes man-made rules learned by rote."

David stated I’ll praise Him with all of that’s inside me. Which means, praise Him with my attitudes, my actions, my loved ones, my finances, my words and my work, my religion and my relationships, my voice and my vocation, my church and the kids, my hobbies and my habits, I’ll praise Him not just in word but additionally in deed. I’ll praise Him with everything else that’s inside me.

Just when was the final time you stopped to think about all His benefits? Would you enjoy individuals benefits? Maybe you have experienced forgiveness? Are you currently living a significant existence, a satisfied existence? Does your soul have illnesses that should be healed? Are you currently coping with an eternal purpose?


Psalm 103:1-6 Song "Bless the LORD, O My Soul" (Esther Mui)


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