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Who Ate the Dolly’s Dinner?

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by Isabel Gordon Curtis

Why can’t dollies possess a Thanksgiving dinner in addition to real folks?" requested Polly Pine.

"I’m not sure why," stated mamma, laughing "go and dress them within their best clothes, obtain the dolls’ house taken and dusted and also the table ready. Then I’ll fix their dinner before we go downstairs."

"Oh, how nice!" stated Polly Pine.

The toy house was within the nursery. It had been huge and incredibly beautiful. It had been colored red it’d tall chimneys, along with a fine door. There have been lace curtains in the home windows, and 2 steps brought to the most adorable little piazza. Polly Pine taken the rooms together with her small broom and dusted them. Then she set the table within the dining-room with the most effective dishes and also the finest silver. She set a tiny vase in the center of the table, with two violets inside it, and she or he put dolly table napkins each and every place.


Once the house was all fresh and clean she outfitted Lavinia in her own pink muslin, and Dora Jane in her own grey velvet, and Hannah Welch in her own yellow silk then she sitting down them round the table, each one of these in their chair. Polly only agreed to be letting them know about company manners, the way they mustn’t eat using their knives, or leave their teaspoons within their cups once they drank their tea, once the door opened up as well as in came mamma having a real dolls’ Thanksgiving dinner.There is a chicken bone to use the platter before Hannah Welch, for Hannah always did the carving. There have been tasty little dishes of mashed potato and cranberry sauce, and a few celery inside a small tumbler, and also the tiniest pumkin cake baked inside a patty pan. Polly Pine just jumped up and lower with delight when she first viewed it. She set everything up for grabs then she ran away to use her best muslin frock using the pink ribbons, and she or he went downstairs to her very own dinner.

Certainly one of Polly’s uncles who came for supper could change his table napkin right into a white-colored rabbit, and she or he didn’t remember by pointing out dolls’ Thanksgiving dinner until it had been dessert-time, and also the nuts and raisins arrived.

Then Polly appreciated, and she or he leaped lower from her chair and requested mamma if she might go upstairs if the dolls had eaten their dinner. When mamma told everybody concerning the toy house Thanksgiving, everyone took it, too, to determine if the dolls had enjoyed their dinner.

The leading door from the toy house was open, there sitting the dolls just like their little mistress had left them—only they’d eaten almost all the dinner! Everything vanished except the potato and also the cranberry sauce. The chicken leg was selected bare, the bread was nibbled, and also the little cake was eaten throughout.

"Well, this really is funny," stated papa.

Just they heard an interesting, scratching noise within the toy house, along with a little grey mouse leaped from underneath the table. He ran the door from the toy house, and also over the piazza, and lower the steps before you decide to could say "Jack Robinson." In a moment he was gone—nobody understood where. There is another small mouse within the toy house underneath the sofa, along with a third one under Lavinia’s bed, having a poor, frightened grey tail protruding. All of them got away safe. Papa wouldn’t allow mamma to choose the kitty. He stated:

"Why can’t an undesirable little mouse possess a Thanksgiving dinner in addition to we?"

Should you loved that one, you’ll such as the other Thanksgiving tales we found for you personally too!

However, we would have liked to educate a new word which was within this story. Maybe you know it but we did not whenever we see clearly!

Exactly what does "piazza" mean? – No, it isn’t the large, round, tasty pepperoni and cheese factor you consume, that’s typed pizza, however it looks not far from that word!

1) Piazza is definitely an open square particularly in an Italian town, just like a town square where city structures and park might be. However that does not seem sensible within the story, therefore we consider the second concept of piazza.

2) Piazza is really a porch, especially one mounted on a home. Since is sensible, therefore the toy house had the most adorable little porch!

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