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91 ) I am not bossy. I simply know what you need to do.

92 ) Happiness happens when “Last seen at” changes to “online” after which to “typing..”

93 ) A finest friend is somebody that informs the truth even if you shouldn’t listen to it.

94 ) There comes a place in existence, whenever you realize nobody matters, who never did, and who always will..

95 ) Happy Thanksgiving to a person I’d don’t have any problem stomping to dying on Black Friday.

96 ) If women ruled the planet there’d not be any wars. Just a lot of jealous countries not speaking to

97 ) It’s difficult to fly when something is weighting you lower.

98 ) Always smiling, since your smile is really a reason behind many more to smile…Smile please…!!

99 ) offered any food ? ?

100 ) Existence must continue 🙂

101 ) The main difference between stupidity and genius is the fact that genius has its own limits.

102 ) Nearly time whenever you think you are able to pay the bills, somebody moves the ends.

103 ) “And in her own smile I see some thing beautiful compared to stars.”

104 ) Your whatsapp status say’s online… In case your online then, why aren’t you msg me!

105 ) All great changes are preceded by chaos …….(whatsapp quotes)

106 ) Existence is journey. I’m traveler.

107 ) Existence is much like photography, you’ll need negatives to build up it.

108 ) There are specific two kinds of people available on Whatsapp. One that will get enormous

109 ) party

110 ) Dance such as the photos have not been tagged. Love like you’ve never been non friended. Sing like nobody’s following. Share as if you do care. And do all of it enjoy it wont finish on Whatsapp or facebook!

111 ) Fun is much like existence insurance.The older you receive..the greater it cost’s.

112 ) I simply saved lot of cash by lic existence insurance ……..By not getting any.

113 ) Many a guy owes his success to his first wife and the second wi

114 ) A buddy is among the best things you could have, and among the best things you may be.

115 ) I’m Not Special , I’m Just Special Edition ?

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Best FUNNY WhatsApp Status (2016)


Ramjattan Utsav: Thumbs up for this video

IndirectBump: So awesome man keep up the work

Troy Henson: song pls I forgot it

Troy Henson: nice bruh keep up

Coomaar ina Nadifo: nice,love all the way from Somalia������������

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INDIAN BAZZAIR: I Hаvе Ассеssеd Му Dеsirеd Whаааtsaрр Numbеr, Тhis https://twitter.com/5a2c17483978c85ef/status/754577466451046400 is Rеаllу Аwеsоmе, Bоооkmаrkеd!!Еnjооуууing 🙂 Bеst FUNNY WhаtsAрpррр Stаtus 2016

taher dhorajiwala: awesome

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Sara haha: like it

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