Big emoji keyboard – stickers for messages, texting & facebook around the application store

Big emoji keyboard - stickers for messages, texting & facebook around the application store from your keyboard into


– BIG emoji stickers for the texts, Facebook, WhatsApp, Kick, Snapchat, and a lot of other messaging apps.
– Help Make Your OWN EMOJI STICKERS out of your photos!
– 100 free new emojis including: love emoji, hug emoji, flirt emoji, middle finger emoji, thumbs up emoji, ok emoji, taco emoji, beer emoji, drunk emoji.
– Change colors, backgrounds and fonts!
– Optional Big Emoji keyboard and employ stickers from the Messages application!
– Win extra emoji within the emoji slot machine game, including:, wedding emoji, food emoji, dog emoji, cat emoji, pets emoji, animal emoji, religion emoji, christian, bible, & religion emoji, sports emoji, chibi, baby emoji, mother emoji, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and xmas emoji,

Send them free of charge over iMessage, other popular messaging apps, or like a text (MMS). See if your phone company charges more for MMS over a normal text.

About ‘Full Access’
To make use of the large Emoji keyboard, it takes the keyboard’s “Full Access” setting perform. A lot of our users are worried about what this signifies. As it happens, this is actually the best way iOS enables for images to become pasted from your keyboard into an iMessage or any other application. In addition, this “full access” setting only provides for us accessibility Big Emoji keyboard. We’ve no use of that which you key in every other keyboard in your iPhone/iPad, so we never track the words or figures you type.


WhatsApp Must Know Tips and Tricks (Font/Emoji)


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