Christian whatsapp statuses

Christian Whatsapp Statuses

Using the WhatsApp messenger getting very popular, a lot of you’d be trying to find Christian whatsapp statuses. Ofcourse your whatsapp status may be the next factor which anybody will notice after your whatsapp dp or profile picture. To obtain christian images for the dp, visit Christian Whatsapp Images.

Lower below, we’ve given a lengthy listing of christian whatsapp status one-liners. Hopefully these whatsapp status about Jesus will greatly assist you to proclaim to the world that ‘I follow Christ’. Browse the scriptural whatsapp statuses below. You can incorperate your own within the comments section.

God cares.

In God I trust.

God solutions Knee-Mail.

In Christ, Invincible.

My God is my commander.

Existence starts with Jesus.

God causes it to be, we mess it.

Existence is brief, pray hard!

With Jesus, it can be done.

There’s hope. There’s God.

He’s risen – Happy Easter time.

Have you ever thanked God today?

1 mix + 3 nails = 4 given.

You’re never too old for God.

Jesus: there’s no substitute.

There’s more. There’s Jesus.

Your discomfort touches God’s heart.

Have you ever made God smile today?

You’re never too youthful for God.

People dissatisfy. God doesn’t.

No-one can ignore Jesus forever.

Don’t miss life’s best. Find God.

Jesus: Anything else will fade.

God really wants to be other people you know.

Jesus: to understand him would be to love him.

Have you ever stored your promise to God?

Behavior training is preferable to sacrifice.

If God is the Copilot – swap seats!

Jesus: The half has not been told.

Jesus: Since the very best is going to do.

Hell!…I’d ignored that!

Give God what’s right, not what’s left.

Hurting? Nobody understands like Jesus.

The very best vitamin for any Christian is B1.

Leave of Facebook and into God’s book.

Though He slay me, yet am i going to serve Him.

Jesus: He’s holding your atoms together.

The one who angers you, controls you!

If God is perfect for us, who are able to be against us?

Don’t keep your faith… spread it around!

Thanksgiving waters your seeds of prayer.

God is within tiny problems, in addition to great.


The Finest Battles are won around the Knees.

Picasso used a canvas, but God utilizes a heart.

Mad at God? Sure you have the best person?

Jesus was the bloodstream donor that saved my existence!

When God saw you, It had been love initially sight.

Unlock the mysteries of God. Jesus is paramount.

You are able to fool yourself. You cant ever fool God.

Lower within the mouth? It’s here we are at a belief lift.

Jesus: beaten so you might be unbeatable.

Uninspired by Jesus? Bet you’ve never met him!

Jesus died in order to save us and that he lives to stay.

Bible: More up-to-date than tomorrow’s newspaper

Should you can’t sleep, try counting your benefits.

For any Christ like walk, keep in line with Jesus.

Don’t place a question mark where God place a period.

You’ve never cried alone. Jesus was ever present.

Existence – your main chance. Eternity – payback time.

When temptation knocks, let Jesus response to door.

Don’t watch for 6 strong men to consider you to definitely church.

Life’s most enjoyable adventure: closeness with God.

To disregard our Creator may be the height of envy.

Jesus: more relevant than we’re able to ever comprehend.

The Known as ask Jesus name and Jesus keeps them!

Coincidence happens when God decides to remain anonymous.

Whether it doesn’t result in Jesus, it doesn’t result in God.

Don’t let evil defeat you, but defeat evil with higher.

Should you kneel before God, You are able to stand before any man.

God is nice Constantly. Constantly, GOD Is Nice!

Existence has numerous choices. Eternity has two. What’s yours?

God owns you, and each molecule you’ve ever touched.

Understanding God could be simpler when we had infinite IQ.

It isn’t the way you start, it’s the way you finish that counts.

Questioning God? He earned the mind cells you believe with.

God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the known as.

Be ye fishers of males. You catch them – He’ll clean them.

Existence is sort of a puzzle and Jesus is the fact that missing ‘Peace’.

There’s more to Jesus than anybody has to date discovered.

You’ll never overcome that crime, before you get under Jesus!

It’ll exercise perfectly, should you let Jesus seize control.

Jesus: stripped, mistreated, assaulted, violated…for you.

Leave something for God, But never leave God for something.

Existence: the ball’s inside your court. After dying: it’s God’s turn.

Irrrve never claimed to become perfect, but God never stated I needed to be!

The job in front of us isn’t as great because the Power behind us.

God didn’t promise a relaxed passage. He guaranteed a secure landing.

The rewards of witnessing about Jesus are worth the risks.

God feeds the wild birds, but he doesn’t throw food to their nest.

It requires a genuine Christian to like god even just in the toughest occasions.

Whenever you pray, don’t give God instructions. Just report for duty!

Its not necessary to determine the way in which should you follow Jesus who’s the way in which.

The truly amazing mystery isn’t unanswered prayer it’s incomplete prayer.

Awesome: you do not be aware of concept of the term before you meet Jesus.

Stop just counting the times and start making every day count for Jesus.

He died… He lived… He rose… He’ll be back… Let’s rejoice and become glad.

Just one existence, will quickly be past. Only what’s accomplished for Christ can last.

All Christians are organ contributors, simply because they gave their heart to Jesus!

Arrived at me, whatever you who’re weary and burdened, and i’ll provide you with rest.

The desire of God won’t get you in which the elegance of God cannot help you stay.

Jesus: to date in front of his time that we’re still no nearer to making up ground.

To Jesus Lord would be to do what he wants, as he wants where he wants!

No-one can alter the future by self, it’s only God’s hands so trust on Him.

Jesus compensated our debt that people couldn’t pay, however it would be a debt he didn’t owe.

Better to undergo the storm with Jesus, rather than have touring without him!

Have confidence in a God who works miracles, and have confidence in his boy Jesus to see one.

In Jesus, my past sins are pardoned, my present has purpose and my future is safe!

Don’t ask god to steer your actions, unless of course you are prepared to move your ft.

Sometimes you need to feel the valley to understand the good thing about the mountain.

Jesus never stated that following him could be easy, but he did say it might be worthwhile!

Praying the Lord Holds you in the Love And blesses you together with his elegance about this Holy Day.

If you are around the ‘Road to Hell’, whenever you arrived at ‘Jesus Way’ make sure to make a good turn!

The Church of Jesus is definitely an organization that hasn’t altered its leadership for 2000 years!

God illuminates our distance to eternal bliss. Good Friday! May master God Appreciate It on Good Friday.

God didn’t promise days without discomfort, sun without rain, but He did promise strength during the day and lightweight for a way.


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