Help make your bed, improve your existence?

Help make your bed, improve your existence? always around the prowl

I appear to stay in a continuing condition of chaos because of my ADDness…. I’m always around the prowl to include organizing habits into my everyday existence to look “normal”. I double-dog dared me to create my bed for any 2-week trial basis before poo poo’ing the concept that it might cause me to feel a contented girl…. I’m now totally hooked on making my bed! It’s been per month of consistent bed-making and it is an enjoyment just to walk into my room rather from the eating myself out for the a few things i required to do within the room. I observed which i will discover five or ten minutes every day to deal with a large part or perhaps a drawer to higher make use of the space, donate crap I won’t use or put on, move products for their proper place or simply think how easier to make my own space a peaceful retreat. Before this experiment, Irrrve Never made my bed consistently. It had been never important becoming an adult and so i never experienced the habit of smoking being an adult. Later like a terminally single lady well into my 30s… maybe I’d result in the bed basically was feeling lucky on the date night… I would make my bed basically thought someone was “looking” or certainly allow it to be I had been a guest somewhere. I introduced this concept on a ADD group fit in with and someone gave some advice help make your bed while still within the bed which little maneuver can shave one minute or 2 from the time. I’ve got a king-size bed inside a rather smaller sized bed room so dealing with the far side from the bed was difficult and that i used that excuse because of not creating a bed for any lengthy time. But, any longer! It’s amazing how one small alternation in your health can achieve into much deeper facets of your existence. I no more have piece of clothing that does not fit my ever altering body within my closet, all of the dust bunnies have left from in the garage and bed room bathroom is respectable! I have a nightstand that requires some attention however i think it’s since i don’t want this experiment to become over… And, it’s spilled over into other overlooked corners within my world… the laundry room is much better organized. Your kitchen presently has an obvious routine. I’m a much better person to make my bed! Go figure!


How to Sleep Better


MelodiousWolf: Am I the only one who had parents who never tucked me or read me bedtime stories? xD

Manal Zamzam: Me and my son can't sleep well

HeyNah❤: Is it ironic I'm watching this before bed…..

Soccer Kids: HeyNah❤ same

JamesTSF: Same

Shivam Bhardwaj: Let us just assume that about 90% of the viewers of this video (including me) REALLY NEED TO SLEEP RIGHT NOW!

Arc Kocsog: Video starts at 1:26.

PlushieStar: Arc Kocsog Thanks a lot. TBH that first part was really annoying purple prose

Pooie Lewie: I thought it was gonna be like "step 1: if ur in bed right now then stop watching this video!!!"

Play2Win: Pooie Lewie lol

Cameron Ferguson: Pooie Lewie

Vixiecorn: i don't have an alarm clock, my mom wakes me up

itsmerve: My mom used to, now im 15 and she thinks im too old but tbh i got the best sleep when i wad a child when she tucked me in and she would give me a kiss on the forehead and she would wake me up chearfull :,) now she's just jelling at me

Cielo de Dios: Whoever may be reading this:\n\ngo to sleep.

CuteWolf1076 AJ: 3:05 omg when the clock said 11:03, I just randomly looked at my time and it said 11:03 O,O what in the world……..

ProphetSLAYS: I usually cant sleep when im excited for the next day. Like today, i cant sleep at all.

Claymore007: ProphetSLAYS Ugh i hate when that happens.

Dionisia Mp: decorate your room like your classroom; you'll sleep immediatly

Mountain Ash Girl: Dionisia Mp. lol my room is the same but its my robotics class which i lime

Music Dazzle: watches this video before going to bed