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Thanksgiving Poultry Clip Art

“Thanksgiving Turkey” is a free clip art resource from Much better than Tutoring. The poultry can be used for your very own use or on kid friendly websites or documents.

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This is a coloring page while using black and white-colored turkey here: Thanksgiving Poultry Coloring Page.

Also, try the disposable Thanksgiving word sort activity for learning or reinforcing areas of speech. You will get it here: Free Thanksgiving Word Sort Activity.

Click each the pictures below to download the poultry. There’s two different images (one black and white-colored and something colored).


Note: The relation to use is different for clip art in my TPT store. (The terms for that clip art is listed precisely here, because the turkey is only at this site).


Cooking Poultry In An Underground Oven


C Mauriere: In my country we place wet leaves on the stones to generate steam. The steam helps with the cooking process.

Nature King: Ok so i see the way to build this……now can somebody truly tell me the big difference between taste if i cook it in the ground than sealing the chicken same method and cooking it in the normal oven …??

Nature King: Thanks very much sir…..even though i figured the answer,just needed it to be corrected by a teacher,,,,much appreciated.

Cannibal Jack: so a earth oven when done correctly has a particular flavour all its own. it's partly from the stones but mostly the earth

Ichiban Moto: awesome Dino- that was a good test run before Thursday.\nHave a wonderful Thanksgiving ! \n\nps. that worked a whole lot better than my corn dog cooking !

Mita Walters: use a tarp make it easy to clean

Rabih Timany: you have done it wrong , you musnt cover the chicken cuz like this it will have same taste like if its done in normal oven

Rich And Famous: your right, what's the use of doing all that work, if your going to cover the chicken.

pitbylllson: You can make this in the oven! no difference… You have sealed the chicken … Its all about heat,,,

John W 696 wardell: Definitely looks fun have a few beers but little to much work to cook a chicken nice video

ek3ekyTop1: burn litle wood in top,and all its ok with temp.

WK400:\n\nget this e-book if you can. its a step by step guide

kashif khan: it was better to cover from wet cloth

Arnie Runtgens: The moment you cover the coals it will turn to dead coals, put more hot rocks instead.

Herman Du: thank you for sharing ! good learning experience ! salute sir!

frito live: thicker bigger rocks. retains more heat longer

Rich And Famous: little advice, never cover it with sand,or soil. Wants the charcoal doesn't breath,it dies. You could of just put a cover for fire hazard safety, but not cover with sand. Let it breath.

THEAVENGER2015: Epic fail Dummy,lol nice an raw

Renita Sharma: Next time, you should put hot rocks on top of the big rock that you covered the top with then put banana leaves if you can find any then throw sand to cover everything. that's how my dad did it growing up!

Tahuan Tinsuyo: Nice video. The Incas used a system called Pachamanca. Check it out.