Turtle mascot with thanksgiving poultry clip art

Turtle mascot with thanksgiving poultry clip art animated, animated cartoon, cartoon
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Turkey Feast Cupcakes (Part 1) Roast Chicken Dinner Cupcakes – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial


Lilly Brill: "Edible peas and carrots" lol

linda kazibwe: peas and carott's are edible.Do you mean candy

Destiny: I remember always wondering what her face looked like

tifanicalx: Hahah same

Imari Hendricks: I know what her face looks like you should subscribe to her channel and you will see what her face looks like

Kayla Ngo13: Who's watching in 2016

Denia Torres: TangableKHeart Ngo me

Brooke Macleod: Kayla Ngo13 I'm watching in 2019

xX.BlurryFace.Xx: Like my comment if you are watching this 1 day before thanksgiving!

xX.BlurryFace.Xx: +Farina shabbir I know you don't have to!

Hey! It's Maxi: Why do you Have to???

Chara_Child: "Edible peas and carrots" I thought they were already edible.

Jodieplier: Who's watching in 2016

linda kazibwe: it a'nt 2016

Zainab Sethi: linda kazibwe it is smart one

Colorful_4: The peas and carrots cupcake looks like a sushi roll!

Rebecca Jones: I've never heard of "patty pans" in the UK we simply call them cupcake cases, I thought it was cool and just wanted to mention it 🙂 I love this channel and all amazing creations!

JohnnyDeppforlifee: I've always wondered..when you say "we" and the channel says "us" "we" who are you talking about? I thought it was just you ? Lol

Constellia: ikr O_O

Hannah Feuerherdt: It's her and her husband

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