Detailed poultry advanced coloring page


This detailed poultry may be the first in an accumulation of “adult coloring pages” or advanced coloring pages for older students. This is an excellent someone to relax and color following a busy Thanksgiving day.

Detailed Poultry Coloring Page

Advanced Coloring Page for Older Students or Adults: Thanksgiving Turkey

  • Turkey Coloring PagePoultry Coloring Page
  • Turkey Coloring SheetPoultry Coloring Sheet
  • Turkey Coloring Page Outline or Shape BookPoultry Coloring Page Outline or Shape Book
  • Turkey Hat Thanksgiving Craft PatternPoultry Hat Thanksgiving Craft Pattern
  • If You Meet a Turkey Printable BookShould You Meet a Poultry Printable Book
  • Turkey Color By NumberPoultry Color By Number
  • Turkey Number CardsPoultry Number Cards
  • Turkey Tracing PracticePoultry Tracing Practice
  • Roll A Turkey Printable GameRoll A Poultry Printable Game
  • B is for Banana Coloring PageB is perfect for Blueberry Coloring Page
  • Turkey Letter Tracing PracticePoultry Letter Tracing Practice
  • Turkey GlyphPoultry Glyph

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Completed Adult Coloring book pages.


Kelley: It really helps to have an artistic eye in coloring. Without it, it will remind you of your children's coloring books. My mother was an oil painter, and she and my brother had that eye for painting. My dad and I have a love for words, so reading and writing were what we enjoyed.

Cari Schofield: Kelley That's a talent I would love to have. Using words. I get so flustered and my thoughts scatter.

Hannah McCue: When you said that it took you forever to finish that page, I thought you were going to say it took you like a month to finish…

Vishal Kumar: Hannah McCue I

Erica Conway: i love the elephant and the yellow is a nice touch, i think you did a wonderful job!

Cari Schofield: Erica Conway thank you!

Jana Dean: Do you ever do tutorials where you tell your subscribers the specific colors you are using? That would be fantastic!!!

Cari Schofield: yes ma'am :)

Ryo H.: I would use rather dark colors around the peacock like brown, in order to emphasize the beauty of peacock.

Amanda Marsh-Countryman: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the yellow behind the elephant! I think it's beautiful!

BrokensCam: Wait that's what you have to colour in adult colouring books? \n Am I the only one when they first told that there was such thing as an adult book thought that it would include colouring subjects of a more graphic or sexual nature?

Cari Schofield: BrokensCam hahaha yes!! I have actually acquired a much better group of books now than this. None that are X rated though. hahaha

Sherrie Brown: I use prisms coloring pencils also but what type of sharpening do you use to get a point

Lucky – Agario: I love that you made one that represents the LGBT community.

Cari Schofield: Lucky – Agario thanks!!

DalainaRenee: Nice they look lovely

Isa Bell: Your coloring (and drawing) is absolutely amazing. Very curious to know how you find the performance of the Prismacolor Premier pencils in Enchanted Forest – do you have more difficulty using them than in for example Secret Garden with regard to burnishing?

Yes we know. We're bad.: You are really good!! You should do a video of you drawing in time lapse!!

KristenGibson_CanadianGirl: Beautiful work!

leah x jo x Artistique: Hi I just stumbled upon your channel and I love it also what are the website for the colouring pages that u show in the folder x