Free thanksgiving worksheets include math, language arts, and coloring pages

Free thanksgiving worksheets include math, language arts, and coloring pages then paste the

Thanksgiving Math Worksheets

Number Sense

Poultry Match Worksheet 1-4 – Counting to 10 and recognizing number words to 10 would be the focus of those worksheets.


Thanksgiving Addition Worksheets 1-3 – Addition practice worksheets with sums to five and sums to 10.

Thanksgiving Addition Worksheets four to eight – Five Thanksgiving themed addition worksheets of different level of skill with sums to 100.

Thanksgiving Addition Worksheets 12 and 13 – Adding three 3-digit figures with regrouping.

Thanksgiving Addition Worksheet 11 – Adding three 2-digit figures.

Thanksgiving Addition Worksheets 9 and 10 – Adding two 2-digit figures with regrouping and sums to 100.

Thanksgiving Doubles Addition – Students will prove to add doubles of Thanksgiving pictures to resolve the addition problems to eight.

Thanksgiving Picture Addition Worksheet 1 – Thanksgiving picture addition worksheet with sums of four and 5.


Thanksgiving Subtraction Worksheets 4 and 5 – Thanksgiving subtraction worksheets to rehearse subtracting a couple-digit number from the 2-digit number without any renaming.

Thanksgiving Subtraction Worksheets 2 and three – Both of these Thanksgiving themed subtraction worksheets include 19 problems and something word problem. Concentrating on subtracting within 20.

Thanksgiving Subtraction Worksheet 1 – Subtracting within 10 along with a fun Thanksgiving theme.

Thanksgiving Picture Subtraction – Students will take away within 5 and trace the figures showing the equation.


Thanksgiving Fraction Multiplication – Students will gain valuable practice multiplying mixed figures.

Thanksgiving Multiplication Worksheet 1 – Multiply a couple-digit number with a 1-digit number without any regrouping.

Patterns and Miscellaneous

Thanksgiving Cut and Paste Worksheet 2 – Students will complete picture patterns once they cut and paste the missing pictures in every pattern.

Thanksgiving Large and small – Students will practice their fine motor skills once they color the large and small pictures orange, eco-friendly, brown, and blue.

Thanksgiving Cut and Paste Worksheet 1 – Color the images then paste the 2 halves together to create a picture.


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