Poultry short vowel coloring pages

Want some Thanksgiving-themed short vowel coloring pages? You’re in the best place! This season, I produced some short vowel coloring pages in my Kindergartner, who’s focusing on mastering her short vowel sounds. I added a couple of more pages and produced some poultry short vowel coloring pages Finish of the publish.

If you were studying a number of my recent posts on short vowels, you will know understanding the short vowel sounds hasn’t come easily on her. We lately shared our short vowel songs, which she LOVES, and also have shared our short vowel wall charts along with other short vowel coloring pages previously.

Since she likes to color, I figured more coloring pages will be a crowd-pleaser. If you are not into coloring pages , keep studying as this may be easily modified right into a spelling activity, too!!

Turkey Short Vowel Coloring Pages - FREE - This Reading Mama

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Poultry Short Vowel Coloring Pages

Incorporated within the download free finish of the publish are a couple of short vowel pages for every vowel. Page one includes only CVC words, which have only three sounds, as with the term cat. The 2nd page for every vowel mandates that kids stretch their ear a bit with longer words. Rather of just 3 sounds, words may have 4 sounds, like block or sled.

2 short vowel coloring pages for each vowel sound

Listening for sounds in words is an important a part of understanding how to read AND spell, and so i understood that producing two levels will give her a location to develop.

Before she began coloring, together we identified each image incorporated around the last page from the download. I requested her to go forward and mix the pictures that didn’t possess the featured vowel seem. By doing this, I possibly could allow her to color the page individually as i labored with another child. Donrrrt worry if your little one colors incorrectly just mix it later when you are within the words.

spelling short a words after coloring page

After she’d colored, I challenged her to spell the term under each image for your short vowel. Kids may also do that on the separate piece of paper.

spelling longer short a words after coloring page

Obviously, spelling is a terrific way to focus on segmenting and blending sounds in words. Spelling is like practicing phonics backwards. Rather of visiting a letter and working out its seem (phonics), kids hear the seem after which need to select the letter(s) that represent that seem (spelling). Love, love spelling!

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Free Short Vowel Coloring Pages - great for Thanksgiving

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4 STEP PHONICS – STEP 2(Short Vowel Sounds) – Lesson 4(e – eb, ed, en)


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