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How to Draw a Cute Turkey step by step Easy Thanksgiving


Hailey Finch: very cute!

Hailey Finch: thank you so much that means a lot and maybe we can be friends!!!!!  (-:

cutiepie 09: i know it is very cute

Draw So Cute: Gobble Gobble DrawSoCute fans!!! =) Hope you love my turkey and think he's too cute to eat! 😉 Just go to my website to download your FREE coloring page. Happy coloring!! Thanks!

Mia-Sophie Wieder: Draw So Cute i love you so

Chloe K sm: Draw So Cute u r so good at drawing!

Draw So Cute: Shout Outs in the Video going to: LipBalmBeauty Sophie L. Ash Cat and Venessa F. Thank you for being Draw So Cute Fans!!! =)

Marcus Liggins: Draw So Cute :D

Marcus Liggins: ��

Victoria K: Can you draw a cute flying squirrel?❤️

Alexis Olivares: Victoria K

The Osburns: Could you draw Moana and Maui from disneys new movie "Moana"

Christopher Chavez: I love it you draw better than me well that's so so amazing I love it thank you for joining us for Thanksgiving thank you very much

Christopher Chavez: u

jacky julian: you draw so cute��

dj adore: love it

Natalie Duong: u draw so perfect

Draw the cutest: You are so good

cutiepie 09: my bro and sis have got alot of shoutouts and i have none so i feel left out \nso please give me a shoutout it would make my day!

Juan Ramirez: u do draw so cute so dont listen to amanda shes just jelous