Poultry thanksgiving directed drawing

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    How to Draw A ROAST TURKEY Using Letters and Numbers with Muffalo Potato


    Ruby Talavera: john can you draw a sandwich

    lotski mordz: Muffalo Potato is so cool

    taozerophoto: I really like how you do it with letters

    Alex Collins: john please do a jaguar\n����������������������������������������������������

    Komedy King: Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!\nKeep drawing!!!!!\n

    Muffalo Potato: +Komedy King Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!!

    Bare Farewell: at my school we're suppose to draw a thanksgiving dinner with food and people and this really helps!

    Alex Milanes: Bare Farewell .ñl

    Poojari Nagesh Goud: Bare Farewell

    Toan Tran: i like your pictures

    Muffalo Potato: +Toan Tran Cool! Thanks!!

    Bruce Chen: I agree

    Gracie BassettSmith: Its my sisters birthday tomorrow 20 April 

    Juan Rodriguez: That's my birthday I'm turning 8 years old !!!!!!!!!!!

    Muffalo Potato: +Juan Rodriguez Happy Birthday!!!!

    Damiana Colangelo: Can you show me how to draw a purple minon

    Mr Seven: Btw Jhon your awesome love your drawing so I just subbed you!

    Mr Seven: And happy 2015!

    Sofia Alex: 21 like it should have 100?

    seynabou: The duck is so funny keep him on your channel.

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