Situation 1: thanksgiving through the book

Situation 1: thanksgiving through the book made an appearance

The Thanksgiving poultry is America’s most legendary edible fowl, having a prominent role in numerous cookbooks, novels and printed ephemera. It also stars within the exhibition Art and Appetite: American Art, Culture, and Cuisine, now within the Art Institute’s Regenstein galleries. While Thanksgiving celebrates the unifying meal shared by Pilgrims and Indigenous Peoples, it had not been until 1864 that President Lincoln subsequently managed to get a nationwide holiday. This dramatic Harper’s Weekly double-spread by Thomas Nast made an appearance the year before, in the middle of the Civil War. Consequently, the Pilgrims’ harvest festival grew to become a plea for unity between your South and north.

Prior to the poultry grew to become the mainstay from the Thanksgiving feast, like ducks and other poultry it had been a standard feature of British holiday meals. George Cruikshank’s lottery ticket showing "The Grand Turk" from 1820 playfully confuses the fowl and also the country, even giving the stately bird a turban. Cruikshank wasn’t alone for making this glib connection, being an old chestnut of yankee culinary puns emphasizes the bird’s global significance: "What worldwide catastrophe takes place when a waiter drops a platter on Thanksgiving? The undoing of Poultry, the overthrow of A holiday in greece, and also the destruction of China."

Even though the novelty helmet grew to become the U . s . States’ national bird, Benjamin Franklin preferred the poultry. John James Audubon agreed, and would eventually restore nature Turkey’s dignity by recording it in 2 of his massive color plates in the important proof of local avian wildlife, The Wild birds of the usa. A smaller sized and much more affordable edition seems here, but Audubon’s fascination continues to be the same: Because of its "great size and sweetness, its value like a delicate and highly prized piece of food . . . render it probably the most interesting from the wild birds native to the Usa."

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Native Americans Review Thanksgiving Storybooks


Graphic Design Guy: I'd really like to see "Native Americans Review Something They Can Be Proud Of" – I feel these videos about them just keep portraying them in a negative way.

Graphic Design Guy: +Liz Mowrey I'm glad you agree with me too Liz! And don't worry, we're not alone, 1600 others agree too :)

winnie: it's a kids book. they're not going to talk about death and stuff.

Liz Mowrey: winnie That's exactly what I was thinking.

Ashley C: When you see the guy from the v cute series

Number13teen: +Tyler Kirby the recent relationship changes on buzzfeed videos

Cool Sour Cream: Violet Chachki's distant cousin tbh

That One Cat: "you poor bastard. you have no idea what I'm going to do to you" lmao I'm dying

That One Cat: +Justin Laughlin you're right I'm not depressed but I'm bipolar. It sucks but I'll be okay and so will you. Try to focus on something positive even if it's hard sometimes.

Noob Adven: yup. i also laughing at that. then evil voice say in my head " u dont know that we gonna rob ur village while u go out hunting and kill ur son. make slave ur women and daughter. and kill u all after that."\nhappy murica day!!!

Mashbury Games: In UK we don't have Thanksgiving.\n\nAll this is new to me

Liz Mowrey: Mashbury Games Do you have some kind of fall festival where family gets together, eats a lot of food, and reflects on what they're thankful for?

Mashbury Music: nah

Niazkilam 98: The guy in the beginning is really cute lol what's his name?

Seamus McKenna: +AleahxYoutube How do you know his full name?

HOLA PAOLA: I found him really handsome too!

Disagreeing is ok: 2:25 "I would like older kids and adults to have a more accurate version of the story" Like a history book?

Kiana Nicole: A history book isn't even accurate

Endy D: JelloItsMe Just like how history books in Canada and the US leave out any mention of Native Americans owning black slaves. If anything, we've been illustrating Natives to be beautiful, perfect, peaceful which, just like any other society, simply isn't true. Try reading a lot, not just a book or two and then assume it's correct. School books in history class only take out some info and references from other more in depth history books (books much too complicated for an average highschooler). Now we don't have time to diffuse that much info in a basic history class. Real History books written by any historian do not fail to mention the atrocities that have occured. So don't go about labeling highschool history books as your "encyclopedia of in-depth history". Your average history class simply doesn't have enough time to go in depth just like how your average english class doesn't have time to teach you how to WRITE exactly like Shakespeare, Charles Dickens or Stephen King.

Eve Edena: Up next: People review Disney's Cinderella, and complain no one is cutting their feet off.