Thanksgiving poultry giveaway market city shopping mall

Thanksgiving poultry giveaway market city shopping mall immediate groups of the next

Thanksgiving Poultry Giveaway

1. One entry per person.

2. No purchase or payment is needed to win a prize.

3. Champion don’t have to be give win.

4. Individuals should be 18 years old and also over along with a Hawaii resident to become qualified to go in.

5. Entry blanks and boxes can be found at participating Market City retailers.

6. Official entry blanks might not be photocopied or robotically reproduced and should be completed completely (handwritten) and deposited in entry boxes at participating retailers at 2919 Kapiolani Blvd. 7. 15 Winners is going to be selected with a random drawing to become conducted by Market City Management on November 14, 2016. Each champion will get one 12-15.99 lbs Norbest brand poultry redeemable limited to Foodland Market City, while supplies last. If your 12-15.99 lbs Norbest brand poultry isn’t available, Market City Limited and Foodland will substitute prize having a similar sized poultry in their discretion.

8. Winners is going to be notified within one day following the drawing and given instructions regarding how to redeem their particular prizes. Winners must redeem their particular prizes by November 23, 2016.

9. Market City Management isn’t accountable for any alterations in a winner’s address or phone number. The prize is forfeited if Market City Management cannot choose a champion within one day from the drawing or maybe the prize isn’t redeemed by November 23, 2016. When the prize is forfeited, Market City Management may conduct another drawing for your winner’s prize. Market City Management’s decision is going to be final on all matters.

10. Proprietors, employees and also the immediate groups of the next groups aren’t qualified to go in the competition: 1. Market City, Limited. or Market City (Delaware) LLC 2. Market City Shopping Mall 3. Market City Shopping Mall Retailers 4. Market City Sponsors.

11. The Prize isn’t transferable. The prize should be recognized as awarded.

12. By submitting an entry, the champion consents to using his/her name, contact details, photos or likeness for publicity and marketing purposes without additional compensation.

13. The chances or possibility of winning is determined by the amount of records received.

14. The competition will finish on November 14, 2016, at 8:00 AM. CONTEST EXTENDED UNTIL NOVEMBER 18, 2016 8 AM

15. By participating, each champion releases Market City, Limited., Market City (Delaware) LLC, Market City Shopping Mall, Market City Shopping Mall Retailers and Market City Sponsors from all liabilities regarding any prize. Each champion by participating acknowledges that stated parties aren’t responsible by any means or responsible for any warranty, representation, or guarantee, expressed or implied, actually or perhaps in law, in accordance with any prize.

16. Void where prohibited legally.




jimsher9880: Classic stuffing. Only thing: in my house it goes IN the turkey. I don't care what anyone says. If I die, I die. At least I'll die happy.

Foods101withDeronda: +jimsher9880 Alright, stuff it in the turkey if you wish!! Cheers to living!! ENJOY!! -Deronda :)

Bill Paxton: if i wanted to could i add sausages?

Foods101withDeronda: Hi Bill, I've never added sausage to this STUFFING | DRESSING recipe!! If you decide to add sausage, please share your results!! ENJOY!! -Deronda :)

faye pettaway: I call this good eat's on a plate I love dressing/stuffing.

Foods101withDeronda: +faye pettaway Understood…Faye!! ENJOY!! -Deronda :)

iAnthuny: yummy!

ELAINE: What about eggs? I thought eggs were need to bind it together

Chris Bako: I'm going to use your recipe sans yellow onions, I'll use green.\nBut I'll make this in Germany for Germans.\nBut, I need to make it tomorrow. \nWe have a little oven (we have a baby turkey)\nAnyway, I thought I could make the stuffing the night before, then we could microwave it before plating\n.

Zachary Martinez: I love you !

Foods101withDeronda: Dido…Zachary!! ENJOY!! MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! -Deronda :)

Anne Collins: Can you add sage to the dressing?

Foods101withDeronda: Hi Anne!! I've never added sage to this dressing!! ENJOY!! -Deronda :)

Bluecloud Blueheart: thank you. I did mine with ur instructions n it was a success.

Foods101withDeronda: AWESOME, that's my goal, & you're very welcome…BB!! Forever ENJOY!! -Deronda :)

Marta Roth: I have Pepperidge Herb seasoned on hand. Should I only use unseasoned?

Foods101withDeronda: Hi Marta!! You may use seasoned or unseasoned bread cubes for this STUFFING | DRESSING recipe!! ENJOY your way, always!! -Deronda :)

robert justus: You can also add a can of mushroom soup with it also.

Anna from Natures Home Spa: Looks awesome, thanks!

Foods101withDeronda: Thanks a million & you're very welcome…Anne!! ENJOY!! -Deronda :)