6 incredibly weird poultry pictures from thanksgiving

American Thanksgiving originates and gone, and individuals are likely just beginning to recuperate in the self caused food comas they tucked into.  As with every holidays (therefore it appears) in The United States, Thanksgiving has turned into a little less about being grateful for which we’ve and much more in regards to a material aspect associated with the vacation.  Enter, the poultry.  Millions upon countless these tasty wild birds are feasted upon every year.  This publish is really a small homage.  Here’s some rather odd, well, incredibly weird poultry pictures.

You prepare a crappy poultry 🙂

Nothing beats relaxing with buddies before dinner within the spa.

This poultry was elevated inside your nightmares, roasted in hell, and basted with evil.

Sexy tan lines, poultry.

Classic Kramer poultry.

Not every barbies are rail thin.  Some have incredibly large breasts which I love to smear with butter… and my spouse approves!

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